Meyn Mamvro back issues details - Volume 1

Meyn Mamvro is the magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall. It has been published regularly 3 times a year since 1986, and, taken together, all the editions contain a wealth of original material about the prehistory and ancient customs of Cornwall. Click on each issue (below) for a direct Link to the Archive section, where you can read the complete issue on-line

No.1: December 1986
The Gorseth of Cornwall - Hugh Miners; The Riddle of the Fogous - Craig Weatherhill; Milpreves or Adder’s Beads - Jo O’Cleirigh; Ley No.1; Holy Water - Carol Slater; Paganism in West Penwith - 1 - Cheryl Straffon.

No 2: May 1987
The Lost Stones of Tregeseal Common - Tony Bayfield & Cheryl Straffon; Ley No.2; Mother and Sun: the orientation of the Fogous - Ian Cooke; Walking into the Sunset - Hugh Miners; The Fires of Bel: the Celtic Midsummer - Alan Bleakley; Paganism in West Penwith - 2 - Cheryl Straffon.

No 3: August 1987
Oakdragon comes to Penwith; Earth Magic at Cornish Sites - Calum McIntosh/B.S.McMillan; Living with a Fogou - Jo May; Guide to Cornish Cromlechs; The Faery Folk - Su French; The Sacred Earth - Marilyn Spencer; Old Pagan Customs - Hugh Miners.

No 4: November 1987
"An Affront to Christians"?; Sunset with the Blind Fiddler - Mike Woolfe & Rachel Garcia; Centre Stones in Cornish Circles - Cheryl Straffon; Boscawen-un alignments; Where Stones Touch the Sky - Helen Woodley; Guide to Penwith’s Holy Wells; Spirits at Sacred Sites - Jo May; Corn Dollies, a pagan origin - Jan Gendall; Spirit of West Penwith - Su French; New Age Dawns.

No 5: February 1988
Into Alignment; Dowsing the Earth Energies - Hamish Miller; Brittany: Penwith’s French Connection - Cheryl Straffon; Guide to penwith Entrance Graves; The Riddle of the Mazes - Jeff & Deb Seward; Secret Shrines - Paul Broadhurst; Spirit of West Penwith - Hugh Miners,

No 6: June 1988
Centre Stones & Inscribed Stones; Where is the Third Piper? - Cheryl Straffon; Go to the Woods - Barry Heafield; Guide to Penwith’s Crosses - 1; The Celtic Year - Ian Cooke & Cheryl Straffon; Ancient Dream; Ithel Colquhoun - a tribute - Jo O’Cleirigh; Spirit of West Penwith - Ithel Colquhoun.

No 7: Winter 1988/9
Into Alignment; Summer Solstice with the cows of Boskednan - Mike Woolfe/Cheryl Straffon; Vandalism at the Land’s End - John E.Palmer; Guide to Penwith’s Standing Stones; Celtic Crosses - a pagan origin - Su French; Cornwall & Brittany: lands linked in legend - Cheryl Straffon; Spirit of West Penwith&Brittany Alexandra Lobban.

No 8: Spring 1989
Lost & Found; Duloe & the mystery of quartz - Lee & Gerry Jenkins; Here There be Leys? - Cheryl Straffon; Ley Lines & Liars at Land’s End - John Michell; The St.Michael Line; Guide to Cornwall’s Standing Stones; Lyonesse: the legend and the land - Nigel Pennick; Spirit of West Penwith - Des Hannigan; Animal Allies - Jan Adamson.

No 9: Summer 1989
Lost & Found; Tintagel Slates Enigma; Chasing the Dragon - Paul Broadhurst; FOGOUS: The Cult of the Fogou - Ian Cooke; Guide to Cornish Fogous; Radio Carn Euny - Pat Angove; Spirit of the Fogou - K.G & C.S. The Tinners Way - pathway to the past; The Power of Incense - Gabrielle Hawkes.

No 10: Autumn/Winter 1989
Ancient Sites under threat; Lost & Found; Into Alignment; Penwith Altar Stones - Rory Te’Tigo; Spirits of West Penwith; CROWSOW KERNOW: Guide to Penwith Crosses - 2; The Crosses of St.Michael’s Mount - Anne Long; The Ritual Cycle - Cheryl Straffon; Earthrise - Aeolian Songspell; Spirit of Cornwall (Daphne DuMaurier).

No 11: Spring 1990
Lost & Found; WELLS: Healing & Divination at Cornish Holy Wells - Cheryl Straffon; The Mystery of Madron Well; The Three Wells Walk; Guide to Cornish Wells. Stones of Power - Paul Devereux; Strange Sightings in Cornwall; Morgawr and the Mawnan Owlman - Doc Shiels; The Sun & the Serpent.

No 12: Summer 1990
Protecting Cornwall’s Sites - Nick Johnson; Lost & Found; RINGS OF STONE: Sighlines to the Sun - Calum McIntosh & Cheryl Straffon; Dowsing at Boscawen-un - Paul Broadhurst; Circles of Stone - Alexandra Lobban; Guide to Penwith’s Stone Circles; Duloe Circle: a healing sanctuary - Lee Elston-Jenkins. The Native Keltic Tradition - Daveth Map Hekka; Spirit of the Lizard - Robin Ellis.

No 13: Autumn/Winter 1990
Guardians of Cornwall’s Heritage; Lost & Found; Tintagel’s Sacred Site - Charles Thomas; Rituals & Rites at Cornish Sites - Cheryl Straffon; Quartz Stones on Bodmin Moor - Chris Jenkins; Guide to Bodmin Moor Stone Circles; The Dragon - Myth or Mystery - Su Bayfield; Cornish Giants in the Landscape-1 - Tony Roberts.

No 14: Spring 1991
Moot 90; News; Into Alignment; Lost & Found; Cornish Fogous as Ritual Centres - Ian Cooke; Guide to Cornish Stone Rows; Cornish Giants in the Landscape-2 - Tony Roberts; Dor Dama - Jenny Croxford.

No 15: Summer 1991
Cornish Earth Mysteries Group (CEMG); ARTHURIAN CORNWALL: King Arthur in Cornwall - Cheryl Straffon; Tristan & Iseult - tracing the legend in Cornwall - Joy Wilson; Guide to Arthurian sites in Cornwall; Arthur at the Land’s End - Ron Newsome; Arthurian Mystery - Richard Seddon. Dor Dama - Branwen.

No 16: Autumn/Winter 1991
CEMG; News from Tintagel & Bosacstle; Crop Circle News; SCILLY: Isles of the Goddess - Cheryl Straffon; The Return of the Goddess - Lynneth Brampton; Scilly - Landscape of the Past - Sue Lewington; Guide to Ancient Sites on Scilly; Ley Lines on the Scillies; Maypoles and Mazes. Sexing the Sun - Monica Sjoo/Ian Cooke; Dor Dama - Mike Woolf; Thelemic Pulse - Jo O’Cleirigh.

No 17: Winter/Spring 1992
CEMG; Into Alignment; Crop Circle News; Goddesses & Gods of the Celts - Cheryl Straffon; Guide to Holed and Cup-Marked Stones; Serpent Power - Robin Ellis; Dor Dama - Rose Lewis.

No 18: Summer 1992
Food for the Mind & Body; CEMG; Crop Circle News; Cromlechs; Sacred Sites for the Living - Cheryl Straffon; Guide to Courtyard House Settlements; Bran the Blessed - John Palmer; Dor Dama - Geraldine Andrew.

No 19: Autumn/Winter 1992
CEMG; Standing Stone uprooted by Born-Again farmer; Magic & Meanness in Cornwall; Crop Circle News; Folklore of the Fogou - Ian Cooke; Guide to Inscribed Stones-1 - Charles Thomas; Nineteen Dancing Maidens - Cheryl Straffon; Harmony’s Celebrations-1 - Geraldine Andrew.

No 20: Winter/Spring 1993
CEMG; Eathorne Menhir replaced; Into Alignment; Lost & Found; Stowe’s Hill - a ritual centre - Paul Broadhurst; Guide to Inscribed Stones-2 - Charles Thomas; The Magic of Number Nine - Ian Cooke; Harmony’s Celebrations-2 - Geraldine Andrew; The Goddess Wheel of the Year - Zelza.

No 21: Summer 1993
CEMG; Crop Circles Group; Monica Sjoo in Cornwall; The price of a Magic Glen; The Healing Properties of Holy Wells - Marina Boyd; The Mystery of Sancreed Well - Cheryl Straffon; Guide to Inscribed Stones of North Cornwall; Strange Phenomena at Ancient Sites - Jackie Sutton/ Terry Cox/Geraldine Andrew; In Search of Bride - Caeia March & Cheryl Straffon.

No 22: Autumn 1993
CEMG; Crop Circles Group; The Men-an-Tol - a hole new puzzle; The Tristan Stone - Craig Weatherhill; Iseult - a pagan goddess? - Cheryl Straffon; Guide to Inscribed Stones of Mid-Cornwall; Cornwall’s Mysterious Places - Lanivet (sacred centre); Dream Weavers of the Lizard - Robin Ellis; Penny Harris tribute; Books: Pagan Cornwall - Cheryl Straffon & Mother and Sun - Ian Cooke.

No 23: Winter/Spring 1994
CEMG; John Michell in Cornwall; Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Warleggan & Temple; Readers Write; Circles of Mystery - John Stedman; Guide to Hill Forts & Cliff Castles; Cliff Castles or sham castles? - Paul Thomas; In Search of Iseult - Caeia March; Dor Dama - Lucia Borelli.

No 24: Summer 1994
CEMG; Readers Write; CORNWALL & IRELAND - the ancient link: Introduction - Paul Thomas; The Calendar of the Land - Caeia March & Cheryl Straffon; Guide to Irish sites in Cornwall; Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Rocky Valley mazes; The Fairy Lands - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March; The Dancing Maidens; Fogous & Souterrains.

No 25: Autumn 1994
CEMG; Readers Write; Lost & Found; News; The Old Stones of Lamorna Plateau - Cheryl Straffon; Fowey - a Goddess place? - David Stringer; The Goddess Tour of Cornwall; Guide to Goddess sites in Cornwall; Spirit Paths in Cornwall - Paul Devereux; Haunted Highways - Cheryl Straffon; Myths & legends of Cornwall.

No 26: Winter/Spring 1995
CEMG; Stone Circular - Seven Sisters & Tregeseal; Readers Write; The Moon-an-Tol - Kris Bond; Gereint - a lost Cornish Sun-god - Andy Norfolk; Guide to Holy Hilltops of Mid-Cornwall; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(1) - Cheryl Straffon & Carol Beale; Wells News - Roughtor; Dor Dama - Jill Smith.

No 27: Summer 1995
CEMG; Carn Brea Midsummer Alignment; Time Team; Readers Write; Kerroid-who?; Landscape Patterns: The Giant of the Lizard - Andy Collins; The Pentagon of St.Mabyn - Bruce Macfarlane; The Scilly Zodiac - Jimmy Goddard; Guide to West Penwith Barrows; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(2) - Cheryl Straffon & Sally Thomas; Bride’s Bed Revisited - Andy Norfolk; Dor Dama - Mary Coombs/Raymond Cox.

No 28: Summer/Autumn 1995
Madron Well reports; Grumbla Cromlech rediscovered; Readers write; St.Bridget & her Chapels - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March; A Cornish Shaman - Brendan McMahon; The Ritual Landscape of Scilly; Pre-Christian origin of Christian Saints(1) - Jill Harris; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(3a) - Cheryl Straffon & Gill Rourke; Madron Well vision; Across the Great Divide.

No 29: Winter 1995/1996
CEMG; Lost & Found - standing stones; News from Boscastle & Tintagel; The Men-an-Tol Observatory - Andy Norfolk; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(3b) - Cheryl Straffon & Gill Rourke; Cornish place names & sites - Craig Weatherhill; Witchcraft in Cornwall(1) - Kelvin Jones; Pre-Christian origin of Christian Saints(2) - Jill Harris; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Carol Beale.

No 30: Spring/Summer 1996
CEMG; Lost & Found; Total Eclipse of the Sun - Ian Cooke; Readers Write; News; The Boslow Stone - Charles Thomas; Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(NE) - Raymond Cox; Witchcraft in Cornwall(2) - Kelvin Jones; Cornwall’s Landscape Lion; Mermaids & Sea Goddesses - Cheryl Straffon; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Jean Harris.

No 31: Autumn 1996
CEMG; Into Alignment; Paganism & Christianity at the Interface - Cassandra Latham, Golowan’s pagan symbol, Sancreed Well clouties; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(4) - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March; Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(SW) - Raymond Cox; The First and Last Hill - Craig Weatherhill; Fogou - gateway to the Underworld - Jo May; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Carol Beale.

No 32: Winter/Spring 1997
CEMG; Into Alignment; News; Lost & Found - God/dess figurine; Life & Death in Bronze Age Cornwall - Jackie Nowakowski; Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(Central-1) - Raymond Cox; Piskey Led - lost in the mists of time - Cheryl Straffon; The Secrets of Warleggan & Rillaton - Robin Ellis; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Geraldine Andrew.

No 33: Spring/Summer 1997
CEMG; Lost & Found - Kerris Inscribed stone; Don Wilkins; Readers Write; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(5) - Cheryl Straffon & Bobbie McGee; Lesser-Known sites in West Penwith(SE) - Raymond Cox; Epona’s Children - Craig Weatherhill; Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Warleggan - Andrew Hassel, Penrose elementals - Jean Harris, St.Levan Landscape Lion - Elaine Gill; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Caeia March.

No 34: Autumn 1997
CEMG; Boscawen-un; Chapel Idne and the Holy Well - Cheryl Straffon; News; Lost & Found - Bosiliack Farm menhir; Three-point alignments in West Penwith - Chris Jenkins; Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(Central- 2) - Raymond Cox; Cornish Dragon Lore - Andy Norfolk; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Cheryl Straffon.

No 35: Winter/Spring 1998
CEMG; Cornish Sacred Sites Group; The Hummadruz at Zennor Quoit - Andy Norfolk; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(6) - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March; Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(West-1) - Raymond Cox; Traces of the Goddess Sillina(1) - Chris Jenkins; Terence Meaden’s Cornish Diary(1); Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Sheila Bright.

No 36: Spring/Summer 1998
CEMG; Sacred Sites Network Group; Readers Write; Early Tin Mining in Cornwall - Marion K.Pearce; News; Terence Meaden’s Cornish Diary(2); Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(West-2) - Raymond Cox; MAYTIME CELEBRATIONS IN CORNWALL: The May Games & Rituals of Cornwall - Kelvin I.Jones; The Maypole Dance - Cheryl Straffon; In the Merry Morning of May (Padstow & the Obby Oss) - John Negus & Alexandra Lobban; How old is the Obby Oss? - Cheryl Straffon.

No 37: Autumn 1998
CEMG; Sacred Sites Network Group; Readers Write; Straight Lines & Crooked Ideas; In Search of a Quaint Stone - Andy Norfolk; In Search of Cornwall’s Holy Wells(7) - Cheryl Straffon & Maggie Tucker; Lesser-known sites in West Penwith(West-3) - Raymond Cox; Traces of the Goddess Sillina(2) - Chris Jenkins; Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Rame Peninsula - Mary Coombs; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Jo Pacsoo.

No 38: Winter/Spring 1999
CEMG; Sacred Sites Network Group; Readers Write (Mazes & Labyrinths); Bodmin Moor - a ritual landscape [Leskernick]; THE ‘ARTHUR’ STONE: Arthur? What Arthur? - Charles Thomas; Arthur at Tintagel - John Ford; Cornwall’s Mysterious Places (Tintagel Island footptint); Cornwall and Arthur - Charles Evans-Gunther. The sacred hare in Cornwall - Kelvin Jones; Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Cheryl Straffon; Dor Dama - Monica Sjoo.

No.39: Summer 1999
TOTAL ECLIPSE EDITION: Genius Loci Press Release; Eclipse of the Sun - Cheryl Straffon, Astrology of the 1999 Eclipse - Sheila Bright, Guide to Eclipse sites in Cornwall, pull-out suppliment of events, The Mysterious number 19 and the Cornish Eclipse - Robin Heath, Dor Dama - Caeia March , Turning the wheel of the sun - Cheryl Straffon, Astronomically speaking.

No.40: Autumn 1999
Eclipsed in Cornwall; CEMG; An unholy well at Sancreed Well; not well at Madron; A thorny problem at Chapel Euny; The St Agnes Labyrinth - Peter Herring; Proper mazed - Paul Broadhurst; [CEMG 10th anniversary suppliment]; The sword in the stones; The mystery of the Labyrinth - Robin Ellis; Mên-an-Tol - Vulva of the Goddess - Terence Meaden.

No. 41 Winter/Spring 2000
Mên-an-Tol & Lanyon Quoit napalmed; Well Restored & Well Discovered; Eclipsed at Boscawen-ûn; Sacred Sites news; Lesser-known sites of West Penwith (North-1) [Total Eclipse of the Sun supplement]; Turning Back the Millenium Clock - Cheryl Straffon; Dor Dama - Pamela Harvey; Tarot review; Cornish Heritage.

No. 42 Summer 2000
Sacred Sites news; MEN-AN-TOL FEATURE - Attacks & Curses, Readers Write, Who were the 'Friends of the Stone'?, Not Properly Aligned?, The Gypsy Switch; Lesser Known Sites in West Penwith (North -2); Mazey Day: a pagan festival revived - Cheryl Straffon; The Merrie Maidens: a ritualistic art form - Rodney Blunsden; Dor Dama - Pam Hatton; Cornish Heritage; Cecil Williamson.

No.43: Autumn 2000
CEMG; News; Readers Write; Rocky Valley; Caer Bran - more than just a hill fort? - Craig Weatherhill; Seeing Double:1 - Cheryl Straffon; Lesser Known Sites in West Penwith (North-3) - Raymond Cox; Arddhu - traditional witchcraft & the hidden mysteries; Romany Lore & 20th century witchcraft - Kelvin Jones; Dor Dama - Pamela Hatton; Ritual Invocations in Cornish - 1.

No 44: Winter/Spring 2001
CEMG; Sacred Sites News; Were the Romans Ever in Cornwall?; Seeing Double-2 - Cheryl Straffon; Bodmin Moor Circles and their meanings - Aubrey Burl; Lesser Known Sites in West Penwith: North (4)- Raymond Cox; Focus on St Agnes; Spirit of the Land Project; The Last Rite - Robin Payne; Ritual Invocations in Cornish.

No 45: Summer 2001
CEMG; Knobs & Nodules on Sennen Stones; Sacred Sites News; Readers Write; Lost & Found - Well Restored; West Penwith Circles and their meanings - Aubrey Burl; Lesser Known Sites in West Penwith: East (1) - Raymond Cox; The Gateway - Nor Nour - Patrick McCarthy; The Cornish Otherworld - Cheryl Straffon; Ritual Invocations in Cornish.

No 46: Autumn 2001
CEMG; Sacred Sites News; Light & Sound at the Merry Maidens; The Truro Black Madonna - Geraldine Andrew; Standing Stones - more than just a menhir - Cheryl Straffon; Lesser Known Sites in West Penwith: East (2) - Raymond Cox; Cornish Witchcraft and the Curse - Kelvin Jones; Ritual Invocations in Cornish; Dor Dama - Sheila Bright.

No 47: Winter/Spring 2002
CEMG; News; Readers Write; Pagan Moot; St.Eval Church and its stone circle - Howard Balmer; Time Team Discoveries at the Lizard; Iron Age Roundhouse built at Bodrifty; Mulfra's settlement, stones and alignments - Raymond Cox; FOCUS ON… THE ISLES OF SCILLY: Moving through sacred space on St.Marys - Cheryl Straffon; Scillonian Stone Rows on Gugh: smoke and mirrors - Andy Norfolk; Ritual in honour of the Goddess Sillina on Nor-Nour - Sheila Bright; The cry of the mothers on Nor-Nour - Margot Miller.

No 48: Summer 2002
CEMG; Pagan Moot; News; The Sword and the Mirror - Priest/ess burial on Bryher?; Dowsing and other reactions at Ancient Sites - Sarah Head; Standing Stones on the Lizard Peninsula - Ted Jeffries; Summer is a-coming in: Maytime in Cornwall - Jill Millington; Old Maytime Customs in Cornwall; The Hal-an-Tow, an ancient mystery - Kelvin Jones; Who were Ursula Birdhood & Aunt Mary Moses? - Cheryl Straffon.

No 49: Autumn 2002
CEMG; The Season's Round; News; FOCUS ON… BODMIN & THE MOOR: Leskernick; Bodmin's Holy Wells Restored; Decorating the Landscape - Tony Blackman; King Arthur's Hall - Diana Coles; Trewortha Bronze Age Farm; Dor Dama - Julie Walker; St.Nectan's Kieve Abused - Shane Gary; Journey to the Waterfall - Sarah Head.

No 50: Winter/Spring 2003
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Readers Write; Wells - Lost, Found & Rediscovered; Quoits: not just fun and games - David Kaiser; Lost & Found - Buried Finds; Golden Treasures from Cornwall's Past - Cheryl Straffon; 50th Bumper Bundle Competition; Cerridwen's Cauldron - Margot Miller.

No 51: Summer 2003
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Lost & Found; Readers Write - Ursula Birdhood; Forgotten Wells of West Penwith:1 - Cheryl Straffon; SPOTLIGHT ON … ST.BREOCK DOWNS & ST.EVAL AREA: Perspectives from St.Breock Downs barrows, St.Breock Kist-Vean, Engollan standing stones, Portcothan Vau - Howard Balmer.

No 52: Autumn 2003
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Sacred Sites News; Forgotten Wells of West Penwith:2 - Cheryl Straffon; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites; Crankan Wakes - Raymond Cox; Vision at Treen Common Stone Circle - Geraldine Charles; My favourite Fuggy Holes:1 - Carn Euny - Wella Penwrath.

No 53: Winter/Spring 2004
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Readers Write; Lost & Found; FOCUS ON… ST.JUST-IN-PENWITH: Venton East - the holy well of St.Just - Rory Te’Tigo, Chapel Carn Brea - a ceremonial centre - Paul Bonnington; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites - events of 2003; My favourite Fuggy Holes:2 - Pendeen fogou - Wella Penwrath; Bodean fogou excavated; Cornish Book Publishers:1 - Mên-an-Tol Studio.

No 54: Summer 2004
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Sacred Sites News; Readers Write; STONE CIRCULAR: Maiden Name – David Kaiser; Hamish & Co at the Merry Maidens; Crowan Beacon – a re-discovered stone circle – Cheryl Straffon & Andy Norfolk; Recorded stone circles in Cornwall; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Stone Circles; Tin, Copper & Stone – Stone Circles in Penwith and the Beara – Cheryl Straffon. My favourite Fuggy Holes:3 – Boleigh fogou – Wella Penwrath; Cornish Book Publishers:2 – Oakmagic Publications.

No 55: Autumn 2004
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Sacred Sites News; Bodmin Moor – new discoveries; View from the Islands: The Methodists and the Poppet of Buzza – Tyto Alba; A Tale of Two Blights; Megalithic Mysteries of Cornwall – Cheryl Straffon; FOGOU FEATURE: Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – fogous of west Cornwall; Fogous of East Penwith: Piskey Hall – is it a fogou?; Excavation at Boden Fogou; Where is Treveneague Fogou?; The discovery of Halligye fogou; My favourite Fuggy Holes:4 – Halligye Fogou – Wella Penwrath; Postcript on Nanjulian fogou.

No 56: Winter/Spring 2005
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Boscastle News update; Ancient Sites News; A melange of Menhirs; Propped Stones – an update; View from the Islands: Autumn comes to Porth Hellick Downs – Tyto Alba; The Last Giants of Cornwall – John Michell; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – some events of 2004; FOCUS ON … EAST PENWITH – Cheryl Straffon; New Discoveries at Myrtle Farm – Malcolm J.Swingler; East Penwith – a personal response – Mary Coombs.

No 57: Summer 2005
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Ancient Sites & other news; View from the Islands: A trip to Nornour – Tyto Alba; Gûn Rith menhir – is it upside down?; THE SACRED LANDSCAPE: The Goddess in the Land – Cheryl Straffon: Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – The Goddess in the Land; Chapel Carn Brea and the Nanjulian Barrows – Paul Bonnington; The Trevose Goddess – Howard Balmer.

No 58: Autumn 2005
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Discovery of a special stone at Boskednan Barrow – Sarah Vivian; Third Labyrinth at Rocky Valley?; View from the Islands: Chapel Down – Tyto Alba; Pathways to the Past:1 Treen-Bosporthennis: Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – standing stone sightlines; Rocky Valley labyrinth; Stone at Boskednan Barrow; Medieval Madness: the role of the sacred well – Sarah Head; The Fairy Faith in a Celtic Country – David Sivier; ‘Old and a Trouble’: Notes on the life of Granny Boswell – Jason Semmens.

No 59: Winter/Spring 2006
CEMG; News – Eathorne menhir back & Rocky Valley maze vandalised; Penwith Pagan Moot; View from the Islands – Tyto Alba; HOLED STONES: Newlyn Garden; Tregeseal; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Holed Stones; Major Moon Standstill 2006; Green Flashes, Moonbows & Stellar Conjunctions – Cheryl Straffon; Pathways to the Past – Zennor Churchway Path

No 60: Summer 2006
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; News – wooden henge found; CASPN News; View from the Islands – Tyto Alba; SACRED CAVES: Cornish Caves. Folklore & Cult – Peter Rose; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Sacred Caves; Ritual at Holywell Caves – Cheryl Straffon & Jackie Dash; Holy well – Rose Lewis; St.Agnes Cave & Holy Well – Geraldine McCarthy

No 61: Autumn 2006
[20 years of MM Supplement] CEMG; CASPN News; Penwith Pagan Moot; News; Mesolithic: Hunter-gatherer stations in West Penwith – Rory Te’Tigo; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Dolmens from the Neolithic; Neolithic: Recent Cornish Neolithic Sites; Late Neolithic/EBA: Botrea Barrows – a ceremonial path across the landscape; Pathways to the Past – The Trendrine Ley Walk.

No 62: Winter/Spring 2007
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News; Major Moon Standstill at Mayon Cliffs; The Nine Maidens & the Moon’s Standstill – Chris Cooper; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Nine Maidens, Boskednan; Songlines – Legends in the Landscape:1 – Andy Norfolk; The Ancient Ways of Cornwall – Simon Mitchell; Pathways to the Past: The Saint’s Way-1

No.63: Summer 2007
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News; St.Senara’s Well rediscovered; Remote & Ancient Places in W.Penwith – 1:Trevear – Raymond Cox; Sightlines to the Tors and Stars:1 – Roger Farnworth; Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Bodmin Moor Stone Circles; Songlines – Legends in the Landscape:2 – Andy Norfolk; Pathways to the Past: The Saint’s Way-2; Full Moon Standstill at Balowall Barrow; The Goddess in Cornwall Event

No.64: Autumn 2007 Now in full colour
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News; Time Team come to Bodmin Moor; Remote & Ancient Places in W.Penwith – 2:VellanDruchar – Raymond Cox; Sightlines to the Tors and Stars:2 – Roger Farnworth; Bodmin Moor View Frames; Pathways to the Past: The Mên-an-Tol Circular; Lughnasa in Cornwall – Cheryl Straffon; How Celtic is Cornwall?

No.65: Winter/Spring 2008 Now in full colour
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News; Holy Wells News; Pathways to the Past: St.Just-Sennen coastal barrows; In-site: Chapel Carn Brea; Shamans & Druids: spiritual mediators from Cornish prehistory – Cheryl Straffon; Remote & Ancient Places in W.Penwith – 3:Boundary stones – Raymond Cox; Penzance’s Midwinter Festival; The Fellowship of St.Piran – Andy Phillips

No.66: Summer 2008 Now in full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN; News; Time Team comes to Padstow; Stargazing at The Hurlers; The Hurlers - sightlines to the sun - Joanna Tagney; In Site: The Hurlers; Remote & Ancient Places in West Penwith -4: Chyenhal Moor - Raymond Cox; Celtic Totem Animals - Cheryl Straffon & Gloria Falconbridge; Penwith Pagan Moot

No.67 Autumn 2008 Now in full colour
CEMG; Spring into Summer events; Dowsing News; CASPN; Readers Write; The Sunset Fogous; Ritual & ceremony at Cornish fogous; In Site: Carn Euny; From Godolphin to Carnmenellis Hills - Cheryl Straffon, Andy Norfolk & Bart O'Farrell; Penwith Pagan Moot

No.68 Winter/Spring 2009 Now in full colour
CEMG & Dowsing News; SOL Moot 2008; Going Scilly - Laurence Main; Lost & Found; News; 'New' Penglaz at Montol Festival; Remote & Ancient Places in W.Penwith - 5: Hannibals Carn - Raymond Cox; In Site: Carn Gulva & local sites; Honouring the ancestors on the Scillies - Cheryl Straffon; Pathways to the Past: from the Tamar to Land's End:1 - CS; Penwith Pagan Moot

No.69 Summer 2009 Now in full colour
Dowsing News; Time Team on Looe Island; The Tintagel Slate Unravelled; CASPN News; Pathways to the Past: from the Tamar to Land's End: 2- Cheryl Straffon; Missing Menhirs - Cornwall's Lost Stones: 1 - The Fiddler & Nine Maidens stone row; In Site: St.Broeck Downs stones; BELTANE/MAYTIME SPECIAL: Summer is a-coming in: Maytime in Cornwall - Jill Millington; Helston's May Fest - Flora, Furry or Faddy? - CS; Ursula Birdhood & Aunt Mary Moses Revisited - CS; Penzance's May Horns Festival Revived - Paula Cox; Penwith Pagan Moot

No.70 Autumn 2009 Now in full colour
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer Events; CASPN News; News -Carwynnen Quoit and Treslothan stone; Missing Menhirs: 2 - Helston Beacon; West Penwith Stones & Alignments - an etheric approach - Pat Toms; In Site: The Men-an-Tol; Dark Moon - Robin Ellis; Pathways to the Past: from the Tamar to Land's End: 3- Cheryl Straffon; Sancreed's Wells - old 'crone' & newly uncovered; Penwith Pagan Moot + 4 page tribute to John Michell & Hugh Miners

No.71: Winter/Spring 2010 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN News; News – Constantine grave & Carwynnen Quoit; Lost and Found – Higher Trevowhan menhir; Magnetic Fields – Ray Cox; Missing Menhirs: 3 – Maen Pearne; Maen Toll/Pol & The Tolmen; In Site: Eathorne menhir; Sillina: a Goddess of Scilly – Rory Te’Tigo; Sancreed Well – ‘the dream of earth’ – Cheryl Straffon; Penwith Pagan Moot; 20 years ago: Bronze age gold bracelet found on St Martins.

No.72: Summer 2010 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN & LAN News; Missing Menhirs: 4 – Selena stones; Pebbletripping over Pendeen – David Jones; Penwith Pagan Moot; ARTHUR AT TINTAGEL SPECIAL Pathways to the Past – The Tintagel Trail; In Site: Tintagel Island & castle; Kings at Tintagel Castle – Chris Lovegrove; News from Tintagel & Boscastle; The Secret Land of Tintagel – Paul Broadhurst; 20 years ago: Tintagel Churchyard excavation. + 4 page tribute to Hamish Miller.

No.73: Autumn 2010 In full colour
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2010; Penwith Pagan Moot; CASPN & LAN News; Remote & Ancient Places in W.Penwith: 6 - Bosence chapel - Raymond Cox; The Romanisation of Cornwall; Missing Menhirs: 5 – The third Piper; In Site: Merry Maidens stone circle; The many faces of Helena - Alex Langstone; Uncovering the Lizard:1 - The Three Brothers of Grugwith; 20 years ago: St.Martin's stone row.

No.74: Winter/Spring 2011 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN News; Missing Menhirs: 6 - Tresidder stone; Remote and Ancient Places in W.Penwith: 7 - Lower Alsia - Raymond Cox; Lost and Found - into alignment; Penwith Pagan Moot; Uncovering the Lizard: 2 - Kynance Gate settlement; In Site: Boscawen-un stone circle; Rediscovered stone circles of Cornwall; Earth Spirits at Stannon Circle - Sandra Hutchings; 20 years ago: The Men-an-Tol circle.

No.75: Summer 2011 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN News; Penwith Pagan Moot; Remote and Ancient Places in W.Penwith: 8 - St.Levan - Raymond Cox; Uncovering the Lizard: 3 - Roskruge Barton barrow; SITES OF SE CORNWALL: Discovering the Pelyntor stone - Rodney Smith; In Site: Megalithic sites of SE Cornwall; The mythic landscape of SE Cornwall - CS; The Looe labyrinth - Caroline Petherick; Old customs of SE Cornwall; 20 years ago: Crop circles of East Cornwall.

No.76: Autumn 2011 In full colour
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2011; Penwith Pagan Moot; CASPN and LAN News; Recent Prehistoric Finds; Uncovering the Lizard: 4 - Chynhalls Point; The Tide Rock - Keith Rundle; Winter solstice 2010 at Chun Quoit - CS & Lana Jarvis; In Site: Chun Quoit & Castle; Faces in the rocks, Spirits in the stones - CS; Pixies and standing stones: a cult of the dead - Brendan McMahon; 20 years ago: Mazey Day 1991.

No.77: Winter/Spring 2012 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN News; Penwith Pagan Moot; Uncovering the Lizard: 5 - Drytree barrows; Pathways to the Past: Lower Boscaswell; In Site: Boleigh fogou; 25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY: The Riddle of the Fogous - Craig Weatherhill; Into the Underworld - 25 years of fogou research; 20 years ago: St.Nectan's Glen + 4 page CASPN & LAN flier

No.78: Summer 2012 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN; News; Into Alignment; Missing Menhirs: 7 - Mulfra Hill menhir;  Uncovering the Lizard: 6 - Traboe Barrow; Prehistoric Parishes - Gulval's lost sites;  In Site: Chysauster settlement; Bran, the sleeping guardian - Barry Reilly; Wells Corner; The Pendeen Hurricane - Rory Te'Tigo; 20 years ago: radioactive water. 

No.79: Autumn 2012 In full colour
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2012; Cornish boats and Cornish gold; CASPN and LAN; Uncovering the Lizard: 7 - Poldowrian; Into Alignment: Treen Common; Missing Menhirs: 8 - Treworval stone; Paganism in Cornish schools; Wells Corner; Penwith Pagan Moot; In Site: Quoits of the Cornish Moors; Bones & Stones: the function and significance of Quoits - Roger Farnworth; Not Quoit the real thing - Cheryl Straffon; Witches and Wise Women: extract from 'Pagan Cornwall'; Book Review; 20 years ago: dragon dreaming.

No.80: Winter/Spring 2013 In full colour
Dowsing News; Investigating Carwynnen Quoit; CASPN and LAN; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 1 - Goldherring; News; Missing Menhirs: 9 - Crowpound stone; Penwith Pagan Moot; Book Reviews; In Site: Stone rows on Bodmin Moor; Searle's Down - a newly discovered stone row - Peter Herring; Walking the Shaman's path: the use of stone rows in Cornwall - Cheryl Straffon; 20 years ago: holed stone alignment near the Merry Maidens.

No.81: Summer 2013 In full colour
Dowsing News; News (moving menhirs); Missing Menhirs: 10 - Boswarthen gatepost stone; CASPN and LAN; Into Alignment: Merry Maidens fallen menhir; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 2 - Bosiliack; Ancient Tracks: 1 - Boscawen-un; Penwith Pagan Moot; Ashland Goddess Sanctuary/Wells Corner; In Site: Tregeseal circle, barrows & holed stones; Performance and Journeying - Jill Smith; Fogous and transformation - Roger Farnworth; Montol & Golowan/Historic Padstow Obby Oss film clip; Book Reviews; 20 years ago: Carn Euny vision

No.82: Autumn 2013 In full colour
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2013; CASPN and LAN; Ancient Tracks: 2 - Mulfra; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 3 - Mulfra settlement; Missing Menhirs: 11 - Great Arrow menhir; Lost & Found - Giant's Chair/Wells Corner; Penwith Pagan Moot; Alsia's other well - Trevor Rogers; Dowsing Special - The Bart Line; Dowsing Special - The wandering Michael & Mary lines; Damage & desecration at the Men-an-Tol - Alan Simkins; 20 years ago: Tristan stone.

No.83: Winter/Spring 2014 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN; News - Carwynnen Quoit & Bronze-Age boat; Ancient Tracks: 3 - Brane; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 4 - Bodrifty; Missing Menhirs: 12 - Hellandbridge stone; Ancient Scilly/Wells Corner; Mapping the Sun at the Hurlers - Alex Langstone; The Green Man in Cornish churches - CS; Riding a stem of ragwort - Cheryl Straffon; The wayside witch and the living stones - Steve Patterson; 20 years ago: Penny Harris's prints.

No.84: Summer 2014 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN; Missing Menhirs: 13 - Tremenheere stones (Helston); Ancient Tracks: 4 - Higher Kerrowe; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 5 - Bosporthennis;  News: Scilly brooch, Shield stone at Carwynnnen, prehistoric remains at Land's End, St.Piran's Oratory; Castle Anowthan - lost & found - Craig Weatherhill; In Site: cliff castles; Cliff Castles - trading for tin - Roger Farnworth; Salakee Down stone circle on Scilly - V & R Seaney; Standing Stone on Peninnis Head - V & R Seaney; 20 years ago: St.Levan spirit path.

No.85: Autumn 2014 In full colour
Dowsing News; The mysterious Guilly stones; Spring into Summer 2014; Ancient Tracks:5 - Men-an-Tol lane; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 6 - Nanjulian; The enigma of the abandoned cross-shaft in St.Just church - Rory Te'Tigo; Wells Corner; Carwynnen Quoit: not a tomb but a temple - Charles Thomas; In Site - Carwynnen Quoit restored; Clodgy Moor boat & Goddess engraved finds - Graham Hill; CASPN - Pathways to the Past 2014; The Roughtor Effect:1 - Fixing a Gaze - Peter Herring; Mapping the Sun at the Hurlers - the results; Historic heritage and Common Land - Ian Cooke; 20 & 10 years ago: Cornish-Irish connections.

No.86: Winter/Spring 2015 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN & LAN; World Goddess Day in Cornwall; Wells Corner; Ancient Tracks:6 - Merry Maidens; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 7 - Boswarva; Megalithic Discoveries [1] Higher Releath & Bodilly stones [2] Missing Menhirs - 14 - Tremenheere & Tregarthen [3] Lost & Found - Tregonebrisvmenhir [4] Sennen's stone settings; In Site: Chapel Carn Brea cairn; The Roughtor Effect:2 - Framing Meaning - Peter Herring; Cornish Cunning:1 - Steve Patterson; Book Review; 20 years ago: spirit paths & haunted highways.

No.87: Summer 2015 In full colour
Dowsing News; CASPN & LAN; Lost and Found - Tremenheere; Wells Corner; Ancient Tracks: 7 - Carn Kenidjack to Chun Downs; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 8 - Bosullow Trehyllis; Prehistoric Parishes - Morvah: [1] Lost & missing stones of Carn Downs area [2] Pathways to the Past: Morvah to Portheras Cove [3] The lost Rosemergy stone circle; The mysterious Lizard peninsula - Michael Woolf; Journeying deep into Pendeen fogou - Elyn Aviva; Cornish Cunning:2 - Steve Patterson; West Penwith ancient sites and alignments on-line map; 20 years ago: the Nine Sisters.

No.88: Autumn 2015 In full colour
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2015; CASPN & LAN; Ancient Tracks: 8 - Vounder Gogglas; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 9 - Trevean; Missing Menhirs: 15 - Brea farm menhirs; Prehistoric Cornish Gold; Tree House spiritual centre; Wells Corner; More on Morvah - Chris Jenkins; Decoding King Arthur's Hall - Roy Goutte; The Rough Tor triangle; Telling stories at Boleigh fogou - Elyn Aviva; Montol at the winter solstice - Alex Langstone; West Penwith ancient sites and alignments on-line map; 20 years ago. + Supplement: Thoughts & Observations about the map of Penwith alignments [1] - Palden Jenkins.

No.89: Winter/Spring 2016 In full colour
Dowsing News; Locating Rosemergy circle; More on Morvah - Chris Jenkins; Alignments map; CASPN & LAN; Ancient Tracks: 9 - Badgers Lane & Amelveor Downs; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 10 - Porthmeor; Are Boscawen-un axes really feet?/ Wells Corner; More on Morvah - Chris Jenkins; King Arthur's Hall: the dowsers' perspective - Roy Goutte; ISLES OF SCILLY SPECIAL FEATURE: First Scilly fogou found; Knackyboy Cairn revealed; Community Archaeology Group - Charlie Johns & Katherine Sawyer; Dowsing on the Isles of Scilly - Jonnie Taylor; Isles of Scilly alignments; Book Reviews - The Isles of the Dead?; 15 years ago - CEMG trip to Scilly. + Supplement: Thoughts & Observations about the map of Penwith alignments [2] - Palden Jenkins.

No.90: Summer 2016 In full colour
Dowsing News; Gunwalloe Well - sunk beneath the sands; CASPN & LAN; Ancient Tracks: 10 - Botrea lane; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 11 - Bosigran; Missing Menhirs: 16 - Carnewas menhir/ Stone circle & cromlech at St.Columb Major?; Boslow stone theory/ Wells Corner; Logan stones: they moved the earth for me - Rory Te'Tigo/ Other logan stones in West Penwith & Cornwall; Prehistoric rock art - Cheryl Straffon; 20 years ago: CEMG. + Supplement: Thoughts & Observations about the map of Penwith alignments [3] - Palden Jenkins.

No.91: Autumn 2016 In full colour  30th anniversary issue
Dowsing News; Pip Richards - obituary; Spring into Summer 2016; CASPN & LAN; Ancient Tracks: 11 - Castallack Carn; Home Sweet Ancient Home: 12 - Treen; The St.Just bull - Alan Crutch; Trewern - another stone with breast carvings?; Another cupmark stone identified; 'New' sites on the Scillies dowsed: King Arthur's Hall - Gateway to the stars - Paul Broadhurst; Wells Corner; Cornish Folklore - Looe island - Alex Langstone; Professor Charles Thomas - obituary + 30 years of innovative research; 10 years ago: Stannon Downs & Roche Rock; 20 years ago: Propped stones; 30 years ago: Dragon Project. + Supplement: Thoughts & Observations about the map of Penwith alignments [4] - Palden Jenkins.

No.92: Winter/Spring 2017 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Reading the Hurlers; Tintagel excavation; CASPN & LAN; Ancient Tracks: 12 - Kerris lane; Missing Menhirs: 16 - Goonmenheer stone; Prehistoric Parishes - St.Buryan; Tintagel and the legend of Tristan and Yseult - Mark Bowden; Cornish Folklore (Tintagel) - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago: interfaith; 30 years ago: Tinners Way; The Pipers Tune.

No.93: Summer 2017 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Feedback on - Trevorian circle; CASPN News; Ancient Tracks: 13 - Backs lane; Missing Menhirs: 17 - Buryas Bridge stones; The old stones of Lamorna Plateau revisited; Castallack's prehistoric sites - Raymond Cox; And down to Lamorna - Cheryl Straffon; Cornish Folklore (Ladock) - Alex Langstone; Wells Corner; 20 years ago: Camborne figurine; 30 years ago: Oakdragon; The Pipers Tune.

No.94: Autumn/Winter 2017 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2017; CASPN News; St.Ambrose's well development; Wells Corner; Ancient Tracks: 14 - Devil's Lane, Tregeseal; Carn Kenidjack Tor Enclosure; STONES AND FINDS OF THE LAND'S END AREA: Three megalithic alignments at Land's End - Graham Hill; The prehistoric centre at Land's End; The stones of Trevean - Palden Jenkins; Carn Les Boel - a special energy centre; Madgy Figgy's chair ladder.; Cornish Folklore - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago - Warleggan; 30 years ago - Earthsound; The Pipers Tune.

No.95: Spring/Summer 2018 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Obituary - Bart O'Farrell; Hendraburnick stone reveals its secrets; Wells Corner; Ancient Tracks: 15 - Penzance-Lanyon spirit path; CASPN news; Sun and moon at Boscawen-un - Carolyn Kennett; A fishy tale of a lost god - Andy Norfolk; Cornish Folklore (east Cornwall May Day traditions) - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago - The hummadruz; 30 years ago - dowsing and Boswens menhir; The Pipers Tune.

No.96: Summer/Autumn 2018 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2018; CASPN news; CARN GALVA SPECIAL FEATURE: Into Alignment - Nine Maidens Downs cairns; More propped stones on Carn Galva - Kenny Price; Landscape, Human scape and Celestial scape - Graham Hill; Curious and enigmatic monuments: Boskednan 'fogou'; Meyn Mamvro and the re-enchanted landscape - Rupert White; Wells Corner; Cornish Folklore (St.Morwenna and Reverend Hawker) - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago - Maytime celebrations; 30 years ago - MÍn Frith and the third Piper; The Pipers Tune.

No.97: Winter 2018-9 In full colour  
Dowsing News; News from the Lizard: Boden fogou & Drytree menhir; CASPN news; News from Tintagel: another inscribed slate found; Curious and enigmatic monuments: Showery Tor ring cairn; A view of some propped stones - David Shepherd; Wells Corner; Mythic Pathways: 1 - The Fairy Master; Re-visiting the Land of the Goddess - Rupert White; Cornish Folklore (Winter customs) - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago - Artognou slate at Tintagel; 30 years ago - Aeolian Songspell; The Pipers Tune.

No.98: Spring/Summer 2019 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Lost & Found - Treryn Dinas menhir; CASPN news; News - Aussie archaeologist finds Cornish barrow; Curious and enigmatic monuments: staddle stones or chevaux-de-frise?; Stannon Moor stone rows - Alan Simkins; Old Moll's well uncovered; Trevor Rogers obituary; Wells Corner; Mythic Pathways: 2 - The Giants Way; A new look at old fogou stones - Alan Crutch; Encounters with the Otherworld at fogou sites; Cornish Folklore (Roseland folklore) - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago - Sites on Bodmin Moor focuseed on landscape features; 30 years ago - Anomalous energies and quartz stones; The Pipers Tune.

No.99: Autumn/Winter 2019 In full colour  
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2019; Going Scilly with the Ley Hunters; CASPN news; PLP News - Mulfra Vean & Bosullow Trehyllys; Curious and enigmatic monuments: Long Cairns; Botrea barrows & Caer Bran - Palden Jenkins; Wells Corner; Mythic Pathways: 3 - Piskey led at Bosence Chapel; Michael & Mary at Carn Les Boel - Pat Toms; Cornish Folklore (Cornish harvest traditions) - Alex Langstone; 20 years ago - 1999 total solar eclipse; Obituary - Sheila Rose Bright; 30 years ago - stone rows, fogous and Michael line; The Pipers Tune.

No.100: Winter 2019-2020 In full colour  
Dowsing News; PLP News - Tregaminion well & chapel; Lost & Found standing stones; CASPN news: Trethevy Quoit excavation; Potential Neolithic engraved stone at Great Bosullow - Graham Hill; Lighting the Darkness: cross-based urns - Carolyn Kennett; Gwragh: witch, hag or ancient Goddess? - Andy Norfolk; Pagan glimpses from Lamorna - Jo O'Cleirigh; 33 years ago - MM no.1; The Hilla and the Stag - Craig Weatherhill; Cornish Folklore: Folklore of St.Allen - Alex Langstone; 33 years of Book Reviews; The Pipers Tune: Issue no.1.




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