Meyn Mamvro back issues details - Volume 2

Meyn Mamvro Volume 2 commenced publication in 2020, and is now published twice a year. All the editions contain a wealth of original material about the prehistory, ancient sites and customs of Cornwall.

No 1: Spring/Summer 2020
Editorial; Dowsing News; Lost and Found - Hawk's Tor stone row; News: 'Alien' graffiti at Mulfra Quoit, Offerings at Boscawen-un; Into Alignment - Carn Galva (Kenny Price), Tregeseal holed stones (Caroline Kennett); CASPN News; PLP News; Isles of Scilly archaeological news; Megalithic Rarities - Tredinnick 'circular' monument; Book Review - Ancient sites of Penwith - Lucas Nott; Controversy Central: Tintagel - a bridge too far?, Are clouties acceptable; Pagan glimpses of Lamorna - 2 (Jo O'Cleirigh); Glimpses of the Past -Penzance Natural History & Antiquarian Society; Wells News - Bosporthennis well; Wells Corner - Drake's well; Wells properties (Rupert White); Cornish Folklore - The Wild Hunt (Alex Langstone); Dando and his dogs - Robert Hunt; Folklore book and journal reviews; 20 years ago - Fire attack at the Men-an-Tol; 30 years ago - MM nos 11 & 12; The Pipers Tune - new labyrinth on Bodmin Moor.

No 2: Autumn/Winter 2020
Editorial; Dowsing News; Spring into Summer - dolly dunking; CASPN News; Lost and Found - Bosporthennis stone; News: new A30 road; Into Alignment - Equinox at Carn Galva (Carolyn Kennett); Shadow paths - a Cornish connection?; Watching the Sun booklet; Megalithic Rarities - Chypraze and Leskernick Hill petal barrows; Controversy Central: A bridge to Tintagel (Adrian Rodda); West Penwith circles and their meaning (Aubrey Burl); Glimpses of the Past - Colvannick stone row; Isles of Scilly wells; Wells Corner - St.Cohan's well, Merther; Cornish Folklore - The screaming skull of Tresmarrow (Alex Langstone); Book News - Shining Land (Palden Jenkins); 20 years ago - Bryher mirror and sword, Rocky Valley ownership; 30 years ago - MM no 13; Obituary - Craig Weatherhill.

No.3: Spring/Summer 2021
Editorial; Dowsing Notes - The E-lusive line; Dowsing News; News: Is Duloe just a stone circle?; News: Re-visiting The Hurlers; Into Alignment - Tregeseal circles and the solstice sun (Carolyn Kennett); CASPN & PLP News - Sperris Croft settlement; Megalithic Rarities - Lezant stone row rediscovered; Where was the bridge to Tintagel? (Adrian Rodda); Neighbours: Scilly, Lizard, Kerrier and Penwith (Palden Jenkins); Glimpses of the Past - Chapel Euny well; Wells News - Altarnun; Wells Corner - Park an Venton, St.Ruan; Cornish Folklore - The dark mysteries of Porthtowan (Alex Langstone); Book Reviews; 20 Years Ago: MM44 (2001); 30 Years Ago: MM14 & 15 (1991); The Pipers Tune - Osl, Kerdroya landscape labyrinth, Time Time at Boden fogou.

No.4: Autumn/Winter 2021
Editorial; Dowsing Notes - The Tintagel Lines; Dowsing News; CASPN News; Tregiffian Vean: a little-known monument - Carolyn Kennett; Megalithic Rarities - Bosporthennis 'quoit' or entrance grave?; Into Alignment - entrance graves; King Arthur and the women of the myths - Barry Reilly; Controversey Column: Has St.Nectan's Glen lost its sacredness?; Glimpses of the Past - St.Neot's well; Wells News - Noongallas well; Wells Corner - Quench well; Cornish Folklore - Folk customs & culture in Grampound - Alex Langstone; Book Reviews; 20 Years Ago: MM45, 46 & 47 (2001) - Isles of Scilly visit; 30 Years Ago: MM15 & 165 (1991); The Pipers Tune - Merry Maidens shadow paths, Alfred Watkins centenary.

No.5: Spring/Summer 2022
Editorial; Dowsing News; News - Bronze Age Cornish gold find; Isles of Scilly sites news; CASPN News; Fogou Feature: Time Team at Boden; Newly Found Fogous; The significance of the Creep - Richard Collington; Megalithic Rarities - Sennen hedge - stone circle or row?; Stars at the megalithic sites - Cheryl Straffon; Glimpses of the Past - Giant's Rock, Zennor; Wells News - St.Elwyns Well+ Rooks Farm well; Wells Corner - Chapel Well; Cornish Folklore - Footprints in stone - Alex Langstone; Book Reviews; 20 Years Ago: MM47 (2002) - St.Eval church & Gear Farm; 30 Years Ago: MM17 (1992) - Grade church holed stone & Stithians cupmarked stones; Obituary - Ed Prynn; The Pipers Tune - St.Levans Chapel.

No.6: Autumn/Winter 2022
Editorial; Dowsing News; CASPN News; Time Team at Boden fogou - Romans, what Romans?; Into Alignment: Rough Tor 'long cairn' - Carolyn Kennett; Trevean Round & the Morvah landscape - Susan Bradford; Megalithic Rarities - Castilly Henge stone circle; The Cornish spirits of place - Kelvin I.Jones; Glimpses of the Past - St.Clether's Chapel & well; Wells News - Cowlands Creek; Wells Corner - St.Feock's well; Cornish Folklore - Modern piskey encounters - Alex Langstone; Book Reviews; 20 Years Ago: MM48 & 49 (2002) - Leskernick propped stone & King Arthur's Hall; 30 Years Ago: MM18 & 19 (1992) -Eathorne menhir; Obituary - Michael Woolf; The Pipers Tune - new stone circles.

No.7: Spring/Summer 2023
Editorial; Dowsing News; CASPN News; Into Alignment - summer solstice on Bodmin Moor; King Arthur's Hall begins to reveal its hidden secrets; King Arthur's Hall: a cosmic water temple - Stuart Dow; The Stone Circle, the Altar stones and the fallen menhir - Rory Te'Tigo; The sacredness of quartz - Cheryl Straffon; Glimpses of the Past - St.Cubert's well; Wells News - Treslothan well; Wells Corner - Manaccan well; Cornish Folklore: Folklore of Mylor and district - Alex Langstone; 20 Years Ago: MM50 & 51(2003) - Golden treasures & St.Eval area; 30 Years Ago: MM20 (1993) - Men Frith stone; The Pipers Tune: The Romans in Cornwall and Lost & Found - Nanquidno holed stone.

No. 8 - Autumn/Winter 2023
Editorial; Dowsing News; CASPN News; News: Tregeseal holed stones get re-erected; A summer of vandalism at West Penwith's ancient sites; Lost and Found (1) Chapel Carn Brea menhir replaced (2) Carfury's second stone uncovered; The Arthur Stone at Slaughterbridge - Stuart Dow; News - Bryher burial is a woman; The MÍn-an-Tol and the Tolvan stone: barrow porthole stones? - Karen Pierce; Strange experiences at the MÍn-an-Tol; Glimpses of the Past - The Tinners Way; Wells News - Bosporthennis well; Wells Corner - Lansallos well; Cornish Folklore: Folklore of Bodmin's holy wells - Alex Langstone; 20 Years Ago: MM52(2003) -GŻn Rith re-erection & Crankan sighting; 30 Years Ago: MM21 & 22 (1993) - Mineral content of wells & MÍn-an-Tol circle; The Pipers Tune: Roman gold ring found & the Nine Sisters.