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Meyn Mamvro
Meyn Mamvro
Meyn Mamvro
Issues 1-100 | 1986-2019
Ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall
Stones of our Motherland
Issues 1-100 | 1986-2019
Stones of our Motherland
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Here is a list of all articles published in the magazine over time.

Meyn Mamvro is the magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall.
It has been published regularly three times a year since 1986 and, taken together, all the editions contain a wealth of original material about the prehistory and ancient customs of Cornwall.

If you're simply browsing and looking for interesting material, try the Themes section, where articles from Meyn Mamvro are presented by subject (such as stone circles, fogous or Arthurian sites).

On the next page is a full index, meticulously compiled by Raymond Cox.
You can download a PDF version of any issue on this page or on each issue's own page, for keeps. No strings.
Issues 1-10 | 1986-1989

The Gorseth of Cornwall - Hugh Miners;
The Riddle of the Fogous - Craig Weatherhill;
Milpreves or Adder’s Beads - Jo O’Cleirigh;
Ley No.1;
Holy Water - Carol Slater;
Paganism in West Penwith - 1 - Cheryl Straffon.
No 2: May 1987 | PDF
Lost Stones of Tregeseal Common - Tony Bayfield & Cheryl Straffon;
Ley No.2;
Mother and Sun: the orientation of the Fogous - Ian Cooke;
Walking into the Sunset - Hugh Miners;
The Fires of Bel: the Celtic Midsummer - Alan Bleakley;
Paganism in West Penwith - 2 - Cheryl Straffon.
No 3: August 1987 | PDF
Oakdragon comes to Penwith;
Earth Magic at Cornish Sites - Calum McIntosh & B S McMillan;
Living with a Fogou - Jo May;
Guide to Cornish Cromlechs;
The Faery Folk - Su French;
The Sacred Earth - Marilyn Spencer;
Old Pagan Customs - Hugh Miners.
No 4: November 1987 | PDF
"An Affront to Christians"?;
Sunset with the Blind Fiddler - Mike Woolfe & Rachel Garcia;
Centre Stones in Cornish Circles - Cheryl Straffon;
Boscawen-un alignments;
Where Stones Touch the Sky - Helen Woodley;
Guide to Penwith’s Holy Wells;
Spirits at Sacred Sites - Jo May;
Corn Dollies, a pagan origin - Jan Gendall;
Spirit of West Penwith - Su French;
New Age Dawns.
No 5: February 1988 | PDF
Into Alignment;
Dowsing the Earth Energies - Hamish Miller;
Brittany: Penwith’s French Connection - Cheryl Straffon;
Guide to Penwith's Entrance Graves;
The Riddle of the Mazes - Jeff & Deb Seward;
Secret Shrines - Paul Broadhurst;
Spirit of West Penwith - Hugh Miners.
No 6: June 1988 | PDF
Centre Stones & Inscribed Stones;
Where is the Third Piper? - Cheryl Straffon;
Go to the Woods - Barry Heafield;
Guide to Penwith’s Crosses 1;
The Celtic Year - Ian Cooke & Cheryl Straffon;
Ancient Dream;
Ithel Colquhoun - a tribute - Jo O’Cleirigh;
Spirit of West Penwith - Ithel Colquhoun.
No 7: Winter 1988-9 | PDF
Into Alignment;
Summer Solstice with the cows of Boskednan - Mike Woolfe & Cheryl Straffon;
Vandalism at the Land’s End - John E.Palmer;
Guide to Penwith’s Standing Stones;
Celtic Crosses - a pagan origin - Su French;
Cornwall & Brittany: lands linked in legend - Cheryl Straffon;
Spirit of West Penwith & Brittany - Alexandra Lobban.
No 8: Spring 1989 | PDF
Lost & Found;
Duloe & the mystery of quartz - Lee & Gerry Jenkins;
Here There be Leys? - Cheryl Straffon;
Ley Lines & Liars at Land’s End - John Michell;
The St Michael Line;
Guide to Cornwall’s Standing Stones;
Lyonesse: the legend and the land - Nigel Pennick;
Spirit of West Penwith - Des Hannigan;
Animal Allies - Jan Adamson.
No 9: Summer 1989 | PDF
Lost & Found;
Tintagel Slates Enigma;
Chasing the Dragon - Paul Broadhurst;
Fogous: The Cult of the Fogou - Ian Cooke;
Guide to Cornish Fogous;
Radio Carn Euny - Pat Angove;
Spirit of the Fogou - K G & C S;
The Tinners Way - pathway to the past;
The Power of Incense - Gabrielle Hawkes.
No 10: Autumn-Winter 1989 | PDF
Ancient Sites under threat;
Lost & Found;
Into Alignment;
Penwith Altar Stones - Rory Te’Tigo;
Spirits of West Penwith;
Crowsow Kernow: Guide to Penwith Crosses 2;
The Crosses of St Michael’s Mount - Anne Long;
The Ritual Cycle - Cheryl Straffon;
Earthrise - Aeolian Songspell;
Spirit of Cornwall (Daphne DuMaurier).
Issues 11-20 | 1990-1992

No 11: Spring 1990 | PDF
Lost & Found;
Healing & Divination at Holy Wells - Cheryl Straffon;
The Mystery of Madron Well;
The Three Wells Walk;
Guide to Cornish Wells;
Stones of Power - Paul Devereux;
Strange Sightings in Cornwall;
Morgawr and the Mawnan Owlman - Doc Shiels;
The Sun & the Serpent.
No 12: Summer 1990 | PDF
Protecting Cornwall’s Sites - Nick Johnson;
Lost & Found;
Rings of Stone: Sightlines to the Sun - Calum McIntosh & Cheryl Straffon;
Dowsing at Boscawen-un - Paul Broadhurst;
Circles of Stone - Alexandra Lobban;
Guide to Penwith’s Stone Circles;
Duloe Circle: a healing sanctuary - Lee Elston-Jenkins;
The Native Keltic Tradition - Daveth Map Hekka;
Spirit of the Lizard - Robin Ellis.
No 13: Autumn-Winter 1990 | PDF
Guardians of Cornwall’s Heritage;
Lost & Found;
Tintagel’s Sacred Site - Charles Thomas;
Rituals & Rites at Cornish Sites - Cheryl Straffon;
Quartz Stones on Bodmin Moor - Chris Jenkins;
Guide to Bodmin Moor Stone Circles;
The Dragon - Myth or Mystery - Su Bayfield;
Cornish Giants in the Landscape 1 - Tony Roberts.
News; Into Alignment;
Lost & Found;
Cornish Fogous as Ritual Centres - Ian Cooke;
Guide to Cornish Stone Rows;
Cornish Giants in the Landscape 2 - Tony Roberts;
Dor Dama - Jenny Croxford.
No 15: Summer 1991 | PDF
Cornish Earth Mysteries Group (CEMG);
King Arthur in Cornwall - Cheryl Straffon;
Tristan & Iseult - the legend in Cornwall - Joy Wilson;
Guide to Arthurian sites in Cornwall;
Arthur at the Land’s End - Ron Newsome;
Arthurian Mystery - Richard Seddon;
Dor Dama - Branwen.
News from Tintagel & Bosacstle;
Crop Circle News;
Scilly: Isles of the Goddess - Cheryl Straffon;
The Return of the Goddess - Lynneth Brampton;
Scilly, Landscape of the Past - Sue Lewington;
Guide to Ancient Sites on Scilly;
Ley Lines on the Scillies;
Maypoles and Mazes;
Sexing the Sun - Monica Sjoo & Ian Cooke;
Dor Dama - Mike Woolf;
Thelemic Pulse - Jo O’Cleirigh.
Into Alignment;
Crop Circle News;
Goddesses & Gods of the Celts - Cheryl Straffon;
Guide to Holed and Cup-Marked Stones;
Serpent Power - Robin Ellis;
Dor Dama - Rose Lewis.
No 18: Summer 1992 | PDF
Food for the Mind & Body;
Crop Circle News;
Sacred Sites for the Living - Cheryl Straffon;
Guide to Courtyard House Settlements;
Bran the Blessed - John Palmer;
Dor Dama - Geraldine Andrew.
Standing Stone uprooted by Born-Again farmer;
Magic & Meanness in Cornwall;
Crop Circle News;
Folklore of the Fogou - Ian Cooke;
Guide to Inscribed Stones 1 - Charles Thomas;
Nineteen Dancing Maidens - Cheryl Straffon;
Harmony’s Celebrations 1 - Geraldine Andrew.
Eathorne Menhir replaced;
Into Alignment;
Lost & Found;
Stowe’s Hill - a ritual centre - Paul Broadhurst;
Guide to Inscribed Stones 2 - Charles Thomas;
The Magic of Number Nine - Ian Cooke;
Harmony’s Celebrations 2 - Geraldine Andrew;
The Goddess Wheel of the Year - Zelza.
Issues 21-30 | 1993-1996

CEMG; Crop Circles Group;
Monica Sjoo in Cornwall;
The price of a Magic Glen;
The Healing Properties of Holy Wells - Marina Boyd;
The Mystery of Sancreed Well - Cheryl Straffon;
Guide to Inscribed Stones of North Cornwall;
Strange Phenomena at Ancient Sites - Jackie Sutton, Terry Cox & Geraldine Andrew;
In Search of Bride - Caeia March & Cheryl Straffon.
No 22: Autumn 1993 | PDF
CEMG; Crop Circles Group;
The Mên-an-Tol - a hole new puzzle;
The Tristan Stone - Craig Weatherhill;
Iseult - a pagan goddess? - Cheryl Straffon;
Guide to Inscribed Stones of Mid-Cornwall;
Cornwall’s Mysterious Places - Lanivet (sacred centre);
Dream Weavers of the Lizard - Robin Ellis;
Penny Harris tribute;
Books: Pagan Cornwall by Cheryl Straffon & Mother and Sun by Ian Cooke.
No 23: Winter-Spring 1994 | PDF
CEMG (Cornish Earth Mysteries Group);
John Michell in Cornwall;
Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Warleggan & Temple;
Readers Write;
Circles of Mystery - John Stedman;
Guide to Hill Forts & Cliff Castles;
Cliff Castles or sham castles? - Paul Thomas;
In Search of Iseult - Caeia March;
Dor Dama - Lucia Borelli.
No 24: Summer 1994 | PDF
CEMG; Readers Write;
Cornwall & Ireland - the ancient link - Paul Thomas;
The Calendar of the Land - Caeia March & Cheryl Straffon;
Guide to Irish sites in Cornwall;
Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Rocky Valley mazes;
The Fairy Lands - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March;
The Dancing Maidens;
Fogous & Souterrains.
No 25: Autumn 1994 | PDF
CEMG; Readers Write;
Lost & Found; News;
The Old Stones of Lamorna Plateau - Cheryl Straffon;
Fowey - a Goddess place? - David Stringer;
The Goddess Tour of Cornwall;
Guide to Goddess sites in Cornwall;
Spirit Paths in Cornwall - Paul Devereux;
Haunted Highways - Cheryl Straffon;
Myths & legends of Cornwall.
No 26: Winter-Spring 1995 | PDF
CEMG; Readers Write;
Stone Circular - Seven Sisters & Tregeseal;
The Moon-an-Tol - Kris Bond;
Gereint, a lost Cornish Sun-god - Andy Norfolk;
Guide to Holy Hilltops of Mid-Cornwall;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 1 - Cheryl Straffon & Carol Beale;
Wells News - Roughtor;
Dor Dama - Jill Smith.
No 27: Summer 1995 | PDF
CEMG; Readers Write; Time Team;
Carn Brea Midsummer Alignment;
Landscape Patterns: the Giant of the Lizard - Andy Collins;
The Pentagon of St Mabyn - Bruce Macfarlane;
The Scilly Zodiac - Jimmy Goddard;
Guide to West Penwith Barrows;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 2 - Cheryl Straffon & Sally Thomas;
Bride’s Bed Revisited - Andy Norfolk;
Dor Dama - Mary Coombs & Raymond Cox.
No 28: Summer-Autumn 1995 | PDF
Madron Well reports; Readers write;
Grumbla Cromlech rediscovered;
St Bridget & her Chapels - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March;
A Cornish Shaman - Brendan McMahon;
The Ritual Landscape of Scilly;
Pre-Christian origin of Christian Saints 1 - Jill Harris;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 3a - Cheryl Straffon & Gill Rourke;
Madron Well vision;
Across the Great Divide.
Lost & Found - standing stones;
News from Boscastle & Tintagel;
The Mên-an-Tol Observatory - Andy Norfolk;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 3b - Cheryl Straffon & Gill Rourke;
Cornish place names & sites - Craig Weatherhill;
Witchcraft in Cornwall 1 - Kelvin Jones;
Pre-Christian origin of Christian Saints 2 - Jill Harris;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Carol Beale.
No 30: Spring-Summer 1996 | PDF
CEMG; Lost & Found; Readers Write; News;
Total Eclipse of the Sun - Ian Cooke;
The Boslow Stone - Charles Thomas;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (NE) - Raymond Cox;
Witchcraft in Cornwall 2 - Kelvin Jones;
Cornwall’s Landscape Lion;
Mermaids & Sea Goddesses - Cheryl Straffon;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Jean Harris.
Issues 31-40 | 1996-1999

No 31: Autumn 1996 | PDF
CEMG; Into Alignment;
Paganism & Christianity at the Interface - Cassandra Latham; Golowan’s pagan symbol; Sancreed Well clouties;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 4 - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (SW) - Raymond Cox;
The First and Last Hill - Craig Weatherhill;
Fogou - gateway to the Underworld - Jo May;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Carol Beale.
No 32: Winter-Spring 1997 | PDF
CEMG; Into Alignment; News;
Lost & Found - God/dess figurine;
Life & Death in Bronze Age Cornwall - Jackie Nowakowski;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (Central 1) - Raymond Cox;
Piskey Led - lost in the mists of time - Cheryl Straffon;
The Secrets of Warleggan & Rillaton - Robin Ellis;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Geraldine Andrew.
No 33: Spring-Summer 1997 | PDF
CEMG; Lost & Found - Kerris Inscribed stone;
Don Wilkins; Readers Write;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 5 - Cheryl Straffon & Bobbie McGee;
Lesser-Known sites in Penwith (SE) - Raymond Cox;
Epona’s Children - Craig Weatherhill;
Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Warleggan - Andrew Hassel;
Penrose elementals - Jean Harris;
St Levan Landscape Lion - Elaine Gill;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Caeia March.
No 34: Autumn 1997 | PDF
CEMG; Boscawen-un;
Chapel Idne and the Holy Well - Cheryl Straffon;
News; Lost & Found - Bosiliack Farm menhir;
Three-point alignments in West Penwith - Chris Jenkins;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (Central 2) - Raymond Cox;
Cornish Dragon Lore - Andy Norfolk;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Cheryl Straffon.
No 35: Winter-Spring 1998 | PDF
CEMG; Cornish Sacred Sites Group;
The Hummadruz at Zennor Quoit - Andy Norfolk;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 6 - Cheryl Straffon & Caeia March;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (West 1) - Raymond Cox;
Traces of the Goddess Sillina 1 - Chris Jenkins;
Terence Meaden’s Cornish Diary 1;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Sheila Bright.
No 36: Spring-Summer 1998 | PDF
CEMG; Sacred Sites Network Group; Readers Write; News;
Early Tin Mining in Cornwall - Marion K Pearce;
Terence Meaden’s Cornish Diary 2;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (West 2) - Raymond Cox;
Maytime Celebrations in Cornwall - Kelvin I Jones;
The Maypole Dance - Cheryl Straffon;
In the Merry Morning of May (Padstow & the Obby Oss) - John Negus & Alexandra Lobban;
How old is the Obby Oss? - Cheryl Straffon.
No 37: Autumn 1998 | PDF
CEMG; Sacred Sites Network Group; Readers Write;
Straight Lines & Crooked Ideas;
In Search of a Quaint Stone - Andy Norfolk;
Cornwall’s Holy Wells 7 - Cheryl Straffon & Maggie Tucker;
Lesser-known sites in Penwith (West 3) - Raymond Cox;
Traces of the Goddess Sillina 2 - Chris Jenkins;
Cornwall’s Mysterious Places: Rame Peninsula - Mary Coombs;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Jo Pacsoo.
No 38: Winter-Spring 1999 | PDF
CEMG; Sacred Sites Network Group;
Readers Write (Mazes & Labyrinths);
Bodmin Moor - a ritual landscape [Leskernick];
The ‘Arthur’ Stone: What Arthur? - Charles Thomas;
Arthur at Tintagel - John Ford;
Cornwall’s Mysterious Places (Tintagel Island footprint);
Cornwall and Arthur - Charles Evans-Gunther;
The sacred hare in Cornwall - Kelvin Jones;
Cerridwen’s Cauldron - Cheryl Straffon;
Dor Dama - Monica Sjoo.
No.39: Summer 1999 | PDF   TOTAL ECLIPSE EDITION
Genius Loci Press Release;
Eclipse of the Sun - Cheryl Straffon;
Astrology of the 1999 Eclipse - Sheila Bright;
Guide to Eclipse sites in Cornwall;
The Mysterious Number 19 & the Cornish Eclipse - Robin Heath;
Dor Dama - Caeia March;
Turning the wheel of the sun - Cheryl Straffon;
Astronomically speaking.
No.40: Autumn 1999 | PDF
Eclipsed in Cornwall; CEMG;
An unholy well at Sancreed Well;
Not well at Madron;
A thorny problem at Chapel Euny;
The St Agnes Labyrinth - Peter Herring;
Proper mazed - Paul Broadhurst;
CEMG 10th anniversary supplement;
The sword in the stones;
The mystery of the Labyrinth - Robin Ellis;
Mên-an-Tol, Vulva of the Goddess - Terence Meaden.
Issues 41-50 | 2000-2003

Mên-an-Tol & Lanyon Quoit napalmed;
Well Restored & Well Discovered;
Eclipsed at Boscawen-ûn;
Sacred Sites news;
Lesser-known sites of Penwith (North 1) - Raymond Cox;
Total Eclipse of the Sun supplement;
Turning Back the Millennium Clock - Cheryl Straffon;
Dor Dama - Pamela Harvey;
Tarot review; Cornish Heritage.
No. 42 Summer 2000 | PDF
Sacred Sites news;
Mên-an-Tol Feature - Attacks & Curses;
Readers Write;
Who were the 'Friends of the Stone'?;
Not Properly Aligned?;
The Gypsy Switch;
Lesser Known Sites in Penwith (North 2) - Raymond Cox;
Mazey Day: a pagan festival revived - Cheryl Straffon;
Merrie Maidens: a ritualistic artform - Rodney Blunsden;
Dor Dama - Pam Hatton;
Cornish Heritage - Cecil Williamson.
No.43: Autumn 2000 | PDF
CEMG; News; Readers Write;
Rocky Valley;
Caer Bran - more than just a hill fort? - Craig Weatherhill;
Seeing Double: 1 - Cheryl Straffon;
Lesser Known Sites in Penwith (North 3) - Raymond Cox;
Arddhu - traditional witchcraft & hidden mysteries;
Romany Lore & 20th century witchcraft - Kelvin Jones;
Dor Dama - Pamela Hatton;
Ritual Invocations in Cornish - 1.
No 44: Winter-Spring 2001 | PDF
CEMG; Sacred Sites News;
Were the Romans Ever in Cornwall?;
Seeing Double - 2 - Cheryl Straffon;
Bodmin Moor Circles and their meanings - Aubrey Burl;
Lesser Known Sites in Penwith (North 4) - Raymond Cox;
Focus on St Agnes;
Spirit of the Land Project;
The Last Rite - Robin Payne;
Ritual Invocations in Cornish.
Knobs & Nodules on Sennen Stones;
Sacred Sites News; Readers Write;
Lost & Found - Well Restored;
West Penwith Circles & their meanings - Aubrey Burl;
Lesser Known Sites in Penwith (East 1) - Raymond Cox;
The Gateway: Nor Nour - Patrick McCarthy;
The Cornish Otherworld - Cheryl Straffon;
Ritual Invocations in Cornish.
No 46: Autumn 2001 | PDF
CEMG; Sacred Sites News;
Light & Sound at the Merry Maidens;
The Truro Black Madonna - Geraldine Andrew;
Standing Stones - more than just a menhir - Cheryl Straffon;
Lesser Known Sites in Penwith (East 2) - Raymond Cox;
Cornish Witchcraft and the Curse - Kelvin Jones;
Ritual Invocations in Cornish;
Dor Dama - Sheila Bright.
No 47: Winter-Spring 2002 | PDF
CEMG; News; Readers Write; Pagan Moot;
St Eval Church and its stone circle - Howard Balmer;
Time Team Discoveries at the Lizard;
Iron Age Roundhouse built at Bodrifty;
Mulfra's settlement, stones & alignments - Raymond Cox;
Focus on… The Isles of Scilly:
Moving through sacred space on St Mary's - Cheryl Straffon;
Scillonian Stone Rows on Gugh - Andy Norfolk;
Ritual honouring Goddess Sillina on Nor-Nour - Sheila Bright;
The cry of the mothers on Nor-Nour - Margot Miller.
No 48: Summer 2002 | PDF
CEMG; Pagan Moot; News;
The Sword and the Mirror - Priest/ess burial on Bryher?;
Dowsing & other reactions at Ancient Sites - Sarah Head;
Standing Stones on the Lizard Peninsula - Ted Jeffries;
Summer a-coming in: Maytime in Cornwall - Jill Millington;
Old Maytime Customs in Cornwall;
The Hal-an-Tow, an ancient mystery - Kelvin Jones;
Who were Ursula Birdhood & Aunt Mary Moses? - Cheryl Straffon.
No 49: Autumn 2002 | PDF
CEMG; The Season's Round; News;
Focus on… Bodmin & The Moor:
Bodmin's Holy Wells Restored;
Decorating the Landscape - Tony Blackman;
King Arthur's Hall - Diana Coles;
Trewortha Bronze Age Farm;
Dor Dama - Julie Walker;
St Nectan's Kieve Abused - Shane Gary;
Journey to the Waterfall - Sarah Head.
No 50: Winter-Spring 2003 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot; Readers Write;
Wells - Lost, Found & Rediscovered;
Quoits: not just fun and games - David Kaiser;
Lost & Found - Buried Finds;
Golden Treasures from Cornwall's Past - Cheryl Straffon;
50th Bumper Bundle Competition;
Cerridwen's Cauldron - Margot Miller.
Issues 51-60 | 2003-2006

No 51: Summer 2003 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Lost & Found; Readers Write - Ursula Birdhood;
Forgotten Wells of West Penwith 1 - Cheryl Straffon;
Spotlight on… St Breock Downs & St Eval Area:
Perspectives from St.Breock Downs barrows;
St Breock Kist-Vaen;
Engollan standing stones;
Portcothan Vau - Howard Balmer.
No 52: Autumn 2003 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Sacred Sites News;
Forgotten Wells of West Penwith 2 - Cheryl Straffon;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites;
Crankan Wakes - Raymond Cox;
Vision at Treen Common Stone Circle - Geraldine Charles;
My favourite Fuggy Holes 1 - Carn Euny - Wella Penwrath.
No 53: Winter-Spring 2004 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Readers Write; Lost & Found;
Focus on… St Just-in-Penwith:
Venton East - the holy well of St.Just - Rory Te’Tigo;
Chapel Carn Brea, a ceremonial centre - Paul Bonnington;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites - events of 2003;
My favourite Fuggy Holes 2: Pendeen fogou - Wella Penwrath;
Bodean fogou excavated;
Cornish Book Publishers 1 - Mên-an-Tol Studio.
No 54: Summer 2004 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Sacred Sites News; Readers Write;
Stone Circular:
Maiden Name – David Kaiser;
Hamish & Co at the Merry Maidens;
Crowan Beacon – rediscovered stone circle – Cheryl Straffon & Andy Norfolk;
Recorded stone circles in Cornwall;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Stone Circles;
Tin, Copper & Stone: Stone Circles in Penwith and the Beara – Cheryl Straffon;
My favourite Fuggy Holes 3: Boleigh fogou – Wella Penwrath;
Cornish Book Publishers 2 – Oakmagic Publications.
No 55: Autumn 2004 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Sacred Sites News;
Bodmin Moor – new discoveries;
View from the Islands: Methodists & the Poppet of Buzza – Tyto Alba;
A Tale of Two Blights;
Megalithic Mysteries of Cornwall – Cheryl Straffon;
Fogou Feature:
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – fogous of west Cornwall;
Fogous of East Penwith: Piskey Hall – is it a fogou?;
Excavation at Boden Fogou;
Where is Treveneague Fogou?;
The discovery of Halligye fogou;
My favourite Fuggy Holes 4 – Halligye Fogou – Wella Penwrath;
Postcript on Nanjulian fogou.
No 56: Winter-Spring 2005 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Boscastle News update; Ancient Sites News;
A melange of Menhirs;
Propped Stones – an update;
View from the Islands: Autumn at Porth Hellick Downs – Tyto Alba;
The Last Giants of Cornwall – John Michell;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – some events of 2004;
Focus on… East Penwith – Cheryl Straffon;
New Discoveries at Myrtle Farm – Malcolm J Swingler;
East Penwith – a personal response – Mary Coombs.
No 57: Summer 2005 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Ancient Sites & other news;
View from the Islands: A trip to Nornour – Tyto Alba;
Gûn Rith menhir – is it upside down?;
The Sacred Landscape: The Goddess in the Land – Cheryl Straffon;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – The Goddess in the Land;
Chapel Carn Brea and the Nanjulian Barrows – Paul Bonnington;
The Trevose Goddess – Howard Balmer.
No 58: Autumn 2005 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Discovery of a special stone at Boskednan Barrow – Sarah Vivian;
Third Labyrinth at Rocky Valley?;
View from the Islands: Chapel Down – Tyto Alba;
Pathways to the Past: 1 Treen-Bosporthennis;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – standing stone sightlines;
Rocky Valley labyrinth;
Stone at Boskednan Barrow;
Medieval Madness: the role of the sacred well – Sarah Head;
The Fairy Faith in a Celtic Country – David Sivier;
‘Old and a Trouble’: Notes on Granny Boswell – Jason Semmens.
News – Eathorne menhir back & Rocky Valley maze vandalised;
Penwith Pagan Moot;
View from the Islands – Tyto Alba;
Holed Stones:
Newlyn Garden;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Holed Stones;
Major Moon Standstill 2006;
Green Flashes, Moonbows & Stellar Conjunctions – Cheryl Straffon;
Pathways to the Past – Zennor Churchway Path.
No 60: Summer 2006 | PDF
CEMG; Penwith Pagan Moot;
News – wooden henge found;
View from the Islands – Tyto Alba;
Sacred Caves: Cornish Caves
Folklore & Cult – Peter Rose;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Sacred Caves;
Ritual at Holywell Caves – Cheryl Straffon & Jackie Dash;
Holy well – Rose Lewis;
St Agnes Cave & Holy Well – Geraldine McCarthy.
Issues 61-70 | 2006-2009

No 61: Autumn 2006 | PDF  Supplement: 20 years of MM
CEMG; CASPN News; Penwith Pagan Moot; News;
Mesolithic: Hunter-gatherer stations in West Penwith – Rory Te’Tigo;
Cornwall’s Colourful Sites – Dolmens from the Neolithic;
Recent Cornish Neolithic Sites;
Late Neolithic/EBA: Botrea Barrows – a ceremonial path across the landscape;
Pathways to the Past – The Trendrine Ley Walk.
No 62: Winter-Spring 2007 | PDF
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN;
Penwith  Pagan Moot; News;
Major Moon Standstill at Mayon Cliffs;
The Nine Maidens & the Moon’s Standstill – Chris Cooper;
Cornwall’s  Colourful Sites – Nine Maidens, Boskednan;
Songlines – Legends in  the Landscape 1 – Andy Norfolk;
The  Ancient Ways of Cornwall – Simon Mitchell;
Pathways to the Past: The Saint’s Way 1.
No.63: Summer 2007 | PDF
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News;
St Senara’s Well rediscovered;
Remote & Ancient Places in Penwith 1: Trevear – Raymond Cox;
Sightlines  to the Tors and Stars 1 – Roger Farnworth;
Cornwall’s Colourful  Sites – Bodmin Moor Stone Circles;
Songlines – Legends in the  Landscape 2 – Andy Norfolk;
Pathways to the Past: The Saint’s Way 2;
Full Moon Standstill at Balowall Barrow;
The Goddess in Cornwall Event
No.64: Autumn 2007 | PDF   Now in full  colour
EMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News;
Time Team come to Bodmin Moor;
Remote & Ancient Places in Penwith 2: VellanDruchar – Raymond Cox;
Sightlines to the Tors and Stars 2 – Roger Farnworth;
Bodmin Moor View Frames;
Pathways to the Past: The Mên-an-Tol Circular;
Lughnasa in Cornwall – Cheryl Straffon;
How Celtic is Cornwall?
No.65: Winter-Spring 2008 | PDF
CEMG; Dowsing News; CASPN; Penwith Pagan Moot; News;
Holy Wells News;
Pathways to the Past: St Just-Sennen coastal barrows;
In-site: Chapel Carn Brea;
Shamans &  Druids: spiritual mediators from Cornish prehistory – Cheryl Straffon;
Remote & Ancient Places in Penwith 3: Boundary stones – Raymond Cox;
Penzance’s Midwinter Festival;
The Fellowship of St Piran – Andy Phillips.
No.66: Summer 2008 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN; News;
Time Team comes to Padstow;
Stargazing at  The Hurlers;
The Hurlers - sightlines to the sun - Joanna Tagney;
In  Site: The Hurlers;
Remote & Ancient Places in Penwith 4:  Chyenhal Moor - Raymond Cox;
Celtic Totem Animals - Cheryl Straffon & Gloria Falconbridge;
Penwith Pagan Moot.
No.67 Autumn 2008 | PDF
CEMG; Spring into Summer events; Dowsing News;
CASPN; Readers Write;
The Sunset Fogous;
Ritual & ceremony at Cornish fogous;
In Site: Carn Euny;
From Godolphin to Carnmenellis - Cheryl Straffon, Andy Norfolk & Bart O'Farrell;
Penwith Pagan Moot
No.68 Winter-Spring 2009 | PDF
CEMG & Dowsing News; Soc of Leyhunters Moot 2008;
Going Scilly - Laurence  Main;
Lost & Found; News;
'New' Penglaz at Montol Festival;
Remote & Ancient Places 5: Hannibal's Carn - Raymond Cox;
In  Site: Carn Gulva & local sites;
Honouring the ancestors on the Scillies - Cheryl Straffon;
Pathways to the Past: from the Tamar to Land's End 1 - Cheryl Straffon;
Penwith Pagan Moot
No.69 Summer 2009 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN News;
Time Team on Looe Island;
The Tintagel Slate Unravelled;
Pathways to the Past: from the Tamar to Land's  End 2 - Cheryl Straffon;
Missing Menhirs 1: The Fiddler & Nine Maidens stone row;
In Site: St.Broeck Downs stones;
Beltane/Maytime Special:
Summer is a-coming in: Maytime in  Cornwall - Jill Millington;
Helston's May Fest - Flora, Furry or Faddy? - CS;
Ursula Birdhood &  Aunt Mary Moses Revisited - CS;
Penzance's May Horns Festival Revived - Paula Cox;
Penwith Pagan Moot.
No.70 Autumn 2009 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer Events; CASPN News;
News - Carwynnen Quoit and Treslothan stone;
Missing Menhirs 2: Helston Beacon;
West Penwith Stones & Alignments, an etheric approach - Pat Toms;
In Site: The Mên-an-Tol;
Dark Moon - Robin Ellis;
Pathways to the Past: from the Tamar to Land's End 3 - Cheryl Straffon;
Sancreed's Wells - old  'crone' & newly uncovered;
Penwith Pagan Moot.
Four-page tribute to John Michell & Hugh Miners.
Issues 71-80 | 2010-2013

Dowsing News; CASPN News;
News – Constantine grave & Carwynnen Quoit;
Lost and Found – Higher Trevowhan menhir;
Magnetic Fields – Ray Cox;
Missing Menhirs 3: Maen Pearne; Maen Toll/Pol & The Tolmen;
In Site: Eathorne menhir;
Sillina: a Goddess of Scilly – Rory Te’Tigo;
Sancreed Well – ‘the dream of earth’ – Cheryl Straffon;
Penwith Pagan Moot;
20 years ago: Bronze age gold bracelet found on St Martin's.
No.72: Summer 2010 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN & LAN News;
Missing Menhirs 4: Selena stones;
Pebbletripping over Pendeen – David Jones;
Penwith Pagan Moot;
Arthur at Tintagel Special:
Pathways to the Past – The Tintagel Trail;
In Site: Tintagel Island & castle;
Kings at Tintagel Castle – Chris  Lovegrove;
News from Tintagel & Boscastle;
The Secret Land of Tintagel – Paul Broadhurst;
20 years ago: Tintagel Churchyard excavation.
Four page tribute to Hamish Miller.
No.73: Autumn 2010 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2010; Penwith Pagan Moot; CASPN  & LAN News;
Remote & Ancient Places in Penwith 6: Bosence Chapel - Raymond Cox;
The Romanisation of Cornwall;
Missing Menhirs 5: The Third Piper;
In Site: Merry Maidens stone circle;
The many faces of  Helena - Alex Langstone;
Uncovering the Lizard 1: The Three Brothers  of Grugwith;
20 years ago: St.Martin's stone row.  
No.74: Winter-Spring 2011 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN News;
Missing Menhirs 6: Tresidder stone;
Remote and Ancient Places in W Penwith 7: Lower Alsia - Raymond  Cox;
Lost and Found - into alignment; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Uncovering  the Lizard 2: Kynance Gate settlement;
In Site: Boscawen-un stone circle;
Rediscovered stone circles of Cornwall;
Earth Spirits at Stannon  Circle - Sandra Hutchings;
20 years ago: The Men-an-Tol circle.
No.75: Summer 2011 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN News; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Remote and Ancient Places in W.Penwith 8: St.Levan - Raymond Cox;
Uncovering the Lizard 3: Roskruge Barton barrow;
Discovering the Pelyntor stone - Rodney Smith;
In Site: Megalithic sites of SE Cornwall;
The mythic landscape of SE Cornwall - CS;
The Looe labyrinth - Caroline Petherick;
Old customs of SE Cornwall;
20 years ago: Crop circles of East Cornwall.
No.76: Autumn 2011 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2011;
Penwith Pagan Moot; CASPN and LAN News; Recent Prehistoric Finds;
Uncovering the Lizard 4: Chynhalls Point;
The Tide Rock - Keith Rundle;
Winter solstice 2010 at Chun Quoit - CS & Lana Jarvis;
In Site: Chun Quoit & Castle;
Faces in the rocks, Spirits in the stones - CS;
Pixies and standing  stones: a cult of the dead - Brendan McMahon;
20 years ago: Mazey Day 1991.
No.77: Winter-Spring 2012 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN News; Penwith Pagan Moot;
Uncovering the Lizard 5: Drytree barrows;
Pathways to the Past: Lower Boscaswell;
In Site: Boleigh fogou;
25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY: The Riddle of the Fogous - Craig Weatherhill;
Into the Underworld - 25 years of fogou research;
20 years ago: St.Nectan's Glen.
Four page CASPN & LAN flier
No.78: Summer 2012 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN; News; Into Alignment;
Missing Menhirs 7: Mulfra Hill menhir;
Uncovering the Lizard 6: Traboe  Barrow;
Prehistoric Parishes - Gulval's lost sites;
In Site: Chysauster settlement;
Bran, the sleeping guardian - Barry Reilly;
Wells Corner;
The Pendeen Hurricane - Rory Te'Tigo;
20 years ago: radioactive water.
No.79: Autumn 2012 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2012
Cornish boats and Cornish gold;
Uncovering the Lizard 7: Poldowrian;
Into Alignment: Treen Common;
Missing Menhirs 8: Treworval stone;
Paganism in Cornish schools;
Wells Corner;
Penwith Pagan Moot;
In Site: Quoits of the Cornish Moors;
Bones & Stones: the function and significance of Quoits - Roger Farnworth;
Not Quoit the real thing - Cheryl Straffon;
Witches and Wise Women: extract from 'Pagan Cornwall';
Book Review; 20 years ago: dragon dreaming.
No.80: Winter-Spring 2013 | PDF
Dowsing News; Investigating Carwynnen Quoit; CASPN and LAN; News;
Home Sweet Ancient Home 1: Goldherring;
Missing Menhirs 9: Crowpound Stone;
Penwith Pagan Moot; Book Reviews;
In Site: Stone rows on Bodmin Moor;
Searle's Down - a newly discovered stone row - Peter Herring;
Walking the Shaman's path: the use of stone rows in Cornwall - Cheryl Straffon;
20 years ago: holed stone alignment near the Merry Maidens.
Issues 81-90 | 2013-2016

No.81: Summer 2013 In full colour  | PDF
Dowsing News; News (moving menhirs);
Missing Menhirs: 10 - Boswarthen gatepost stone;
Into Alignment: Merry Maidens  fallen menhir;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 2 - Bosiliack;
Ancient Tracks: 1 - Boscawen-un;
Penwith Pagan Moot;
Ashland Goddess Sanctuary/Wells  Corner;
In Site: Tregeseal circle, barrows & holed stones;
Performance and Journeying - Jill Smith;
Fogous and transformation -  Roger Farnworth;
Montol & Golowan/Historic Padstow Obby Oss film clip;
Book Reviews; 20 years ago: Carn Euny vision
No.82: Autumn 2013 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2013; CASPN and LAN;
Ancient  Tracks: 2 - Mulfra;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 3 - Mulfra settlement;
Missing Menhirs: 11 - Great Arrow menhir;
Lost & Found - Giant's Chair/Wells Corner;
Penwith Pagan Moot;
Alsia's other well - Trevor  Rogers;
Dowsing Special - The Bart Line; The wandering Michael & Mary lines;
Damage & desecration at the Men-an-Tol - Alan Simkins;
20 years ago: Tristan stone.
No.83: Winter-Spring 2014 | PDF
Dowsing   News; CASPN and LAN;
News - Carwynnen Quoit & Bronze-Age boat;
Ancient Tracks: 3 - Brane;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 4 - Bodrifty;
Missing Menhirs: 12 - Hellandbridge stone;
Ancient  Scilly/Wells Corner;
Mapping the Sun at the Hurlers - Alex  Langstone;
The Green Man in Cornish churches - CS;
Riding a stem of  ragwort - Cheryl Straffon;
The wayside witch and the living stones - Steve Patterson;
20 years ago: Penny Harris's prints.
No.84: Summer 2014 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN and LAN;
Missing Menhirs: 13 - Tremenheere stones (Helston);
Ancient Tracks: 4 - Higher Kerrowe;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 5 - Bosporthennis;
News: Scilly brooch, Shield stone at Carwynnnen, prehistoric remains at Land's End, St.Piran's Oratory;
Castle Anowthan - lost & found - Craig Weatherhill;
In Site: cliff  castles; Cliff Castles - trading for tin - Roger Farnworth;
Salakee Down stone circle on Scilly - V & R Seaney;
Standing Stone on Peninnis Head - V & R Seaney;
20 years ago: St.Levan spirit path.
No.85: Autumn 2014 | PDF
Dowsing News; The Guilly stones; Spring into Summer 2014;
Ancient Tracks: 5 - Men-an-Tol lane;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 6 - Nanjulian;
The abandoned cross-shaft in St.Just church - Rory Te'Tigo;
Wells Corner;
Carwynnen Quoit: not a tomb but a temple - Charles Thomas;
In Site - Carwynnen Quoit restored;
Clodgy Moor boat & Goddess engraved finds - Graham Hill;
CASPN - Pathways to the  Past 2014;
The Roughtor Effect: 1 - Fixing a Gaze - Peter Herring;
Mapping the Sun at the Hurlers - the results;
Historic heritage and Common Land - Ian Cooke
20 & 10 years ago: Cornish-Irish connections.  
No.86: Winter-Spring 2015 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN & LAN; World Goddess Day; Wells Corner;
Ancient Tracks: 6 - Merry Maidens;
Home Sweet Ancient  Home: 7 - Boswarva;
Discoveries [1] Higher Releath & Bodilly stones [2]
Missing Menhirs - 14 - Tremenheere & Tregarthen [3]
Lost & Found - Tregonebris menhir [4]
Sennen's stone settings;
In Site: Chapel Carn Brea cairn;
The Roughtor Effect: 2 - Framing Meaning - Peter Herring;
Cornish Cunning: 1 - Steve Patterson;
Book Review; 20 years ago: spirit paths & haunted highways.
No.87: Summer 2015 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN & LAN; Wells Corner;
Lost and Found - Tremenheere;
Ancient Tracks: 7 - Carn Kenidjack to Chun Downs;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 8 - Bosullow Trehyllis;
Prehistoric Parishes - Morvah: [1] Lost stones of Carn Downs [2]
Pathways to the Past: Morvah to Portheras Cove [3]
The lost Rosemergy stone circle;
The mysterious Lizard peninsula - Michael Woolf;
Journeying deep into Pendeen fogou - Elyn Aviva;
Cornish Cunning: 2 - Steve Patterson;
West Penwith ancient sites and alignments on-line map;
20 years ago: the Nine Sisters.
No.88: Autumn 2015 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2015; CASPN & LAN;
Ancient Tracks: 8 - Vounder Gogglas;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 9 - Trevean;
Missing Menhirs: 15 - Brea farm menhirs;
Prehistoric Cornish Gold; Tree  House spiritual centre; Wells Corner;
More on Morvah - Chris Jenkins;
Decoding King Arthur's Hall - Roy Goutte;
The Rough Tor triangle;
Telling stories at Boleigh fogou - Elyn Aviva;
Montol at the winter solstice - Alex Langstone;
West Penwith ancient sites and alignments on-line map;
20 years ago.
Supplement: The map of Penwith alignments [1] - Palden Jenkins.
No.89: Winter-Spring 2016 | PDF
Dowsing News; Locating Rosemergy circle;
More on Morvah - Chris  Jenkins;
Alignments map; CASPN & LAN;
Ancient Tracks: 9 - Badgers Lane & Amelveor Downs;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 10 - Porthmeor;
Are Boscawen-un axes really feet?
Wells Corner; More on Morvah - Chris  Jenkins;
King Arthur's Hall: the dowsers' perspective - Roy Goutte;
First Scilly fogou found;
Knackyboy Cairn revealed;
Community Archaeology Group - Charlie Johns & Katherine Sawyer;
Dowsing on the Isles of Scilly - Jonnie Taylor;
Isles  of Scilly alignments;
Book Reviews - The Isles of the Dead?;
15 years  ago - CEMG trip to Scilly.
Supplement: The Penwith alignments map [2] - Palden Jenkins.
No.90: Summer 2016 | PDF
Dowsing News; Gunwalloe Well; CASPN &  LAN;
Ancient Tracks: 10 - Botrea lane;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 11 - Bosigran;
Missing Menhirs: 16 - Carnewas menhir
Stone circle & cromlech at St.Columb Major?;
Boslow stone theory; Wells Corner;
Logan  stones: they moved the earth for me - Rory Te'Tigo;
Other logan stones in West Penwith & Cornwall;
Prehistoric rock art - Cheryl Straffon;
20 years ago: CEMG.
Supplement: The map of Penwith alignments [3] - Palden Jenkins.
Issues 91-100 | 2016-2019

No.91: Autumn 2016 30th anniversary issue  | PDF
Dowsing News; Pip Richards - obituary;
Spring into Summer 2016; CASPN & LAN;
Ancient Tracks: 11 - Castallack Carn;
Home Sweet Ancient Home: 12 - Treen;
The St Just bull - Alan Crutch;
Trewern - another stone with breast carvings?;
Another cupmark stone identified;
'New' sites on the Scillies dowsed:
King Arthur's Hall - Gateway to the stars - Paul Broadhurst;
Wells Corner;
Cornish Folklore - Looe island - Alex Langstone;
Professor Charles Thomas - obituary + 30 years of innovative research;
10 years ago: Stannon Downs & Roche  Rock;
20 years ago: Propped stones;
30 years ago: Dragon Project.
Supplement: Thoughts on the map of Penwith alignments [4] - Palden Jenkins.
No.92: Winter-Spring 2017 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN  & LAN;
Reading the Hurlers;
Tintagel excavation;
Ancient Tracks: 12 - Kerris lane;
Missing Menhirs: 16 - Goonmenheer stone;
Prehistoric Parishes - St.Buryan;
Tintagel and the legend of Tristan and Yseult - Mark Bowden;
Cornish Folklore (Tintagel) - Alex Langstone;
20 years ago: interfaith;
30 years ago: Tinners Way;
The Pipers Tune.

No.93: Summer 2017 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN News;
Feedback on - Trevorian circle;
Ancient Tracks: 13 - Backs lane;
Missing Menhirs: 17 - Buryas Bridge stones;
The old stones of Lamorna Plateau revisited;
Castallack's prehistoric sites - Raymond Cox;
And down to Lamorna - Cheryl Straffon;
Cornish Folklore (Ladock) - Alex Langstone;
Wells Corner;
20 years ago: Camborne figurine;
30 years ago: Oakdragon;
The Pipers Tune.

No.94: Autumn-Winter 2017 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2017; CASPN News;
St.Ambrose's well development;
Wells Corner;
Ancient Tracks: 14 - Devil's Lane, Tregeseal;
Carn Kenidjack Tor Enclosure;
Three megalithic alignments at Land's End - Graham Hill;
The prehistoric centre at Land's End;
The stones of Trevean - Palden Jenkins;
Carn Les Boel - a special energy centre;
Madgy Figgy's chair  ladder;
Cornish Folklore - Alex Langstone;
20 years ago - Warleggan;
30  years ago - Earthsound;
The Pipers Tune.

No.95: Spring-Summer 2018 | PDF
Dowsing News; Obituary - Bart O'Farrell;
Hendraburnick stone  reveals its secrets;
Wells Corner; CASPN news;
Ancient Tracks: 15 - Penzance-Lanyon spirit path;
Sun and moon at Boscawen-un - Carolyn Kennett;
A  fishy tale of a lost god - Andy Norfolk;
Cornish Folklore (east Cornwall May Day traditions) - Alex Langstone;
20 years ago - The hummadruz;
30 years ago - dowsing and Boswens menhir;
The Pipers Tune.

No.96: Summer-Autumn 2018 | PDF
Dowsing News; Spring into Summer 2018; CASPN news;
Into Alignment - Nine Maidens Downs cairns;
More propped stones on Carn Galva - Kenny Price;
Landscape, Human scape and Celestial scape - Graham Hill;
Curious and enigmatic monuments: Boskednan 'fogou';
Meyn Mamvro and the re-enchanted landscape - Rupert White;
Wells Corner;
Cornish Folklore (St Morwenna and Reverend Hawker) - Alex  Langstone;
20 years ago - Maytime celebrations;
30 years ago - Mên Frith and the third Piper;
The Pipers Tune.

No.97: Winter 2018-9 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN news;
News from the Lizard: Boden fogou & Drytree menhir;
News from Tintagel: another inscribed slate found;
Curious and enigmatic monuments: Showery Tor ring cairn;
A view of some propped  stones - David Shepherd;
Wells Corner;
Mythic Pathways: 1 - The Fairy Master;
Re-visiting the Land of the Goddess - Rupert White;
Cornish Folklore (Winter customs) - Alex Langstone;
20 years ago - Artognou  slate at Tintagel;
30 years ago - Aeolian Songspell;
The Pipers Tune.

No.98: Spring-Summer 2019 | PDF
Dowsing News; CASPN news;
Lost & Found - Treryn Dinas menhir;
News - Aussie archaeologist finds Cornish barrow;
Curious and enigmatic monuments: staddle stones or chevaux-de-frise?;
Stannon Moor stone rows - Alan Simkins;
Old Moll's well uncovered;
Trevor Rogers obituary; Wells  Corner;
Mythic Pathways: 2 - The Giants Way;
A new look at old fogou stones - Alan Crutch;
Encounters with the Otherworld at fogou sites;
Cornish Folklore (Roseland folklore) - Alex Langstone;
20 years ago - Sites on Bodmin Moor focused on landscape features;
30 years ago -  Anomalous energies and quartz stones;
The Pipers Tune.
Spring into Summer 2019;
Going Scilly with the Ley Hunters;
CASPN news;
PLP News - Mulfra Vean & Bosullow Trehyllys;
Curious and enigmatic monuments: Long Cairns;
Botrea barrows & Caer Bran - Palden Jenkins;
Wells Corner;
Mythic Pathways: 3 - Piskey led at Bosence Chapel;
Michael & Mary at Carn Les Boel - Pat Toms;
Cornish  Folklore (Cornish harvest traditions) - Alex Langstone;
20 years ago - 1999 total solar eclipse;
Obituary - Sheila Rose Bright;
30 years ago - stone rows, fogous and Michael line;
The Pipers Tune.

Dowsing News; PLP News;
Lost and Found Standing Stones
Trethevy Quoit excavation;
Potential Neolithic engraved stone at Bosullow - Graham Hill;
Lighting the Darkness: cross-based urns - Carolyn Kennett;
Gwrach - witch, hag or ancient goddess? - Andy Norfolk;
Pagan Glimpses from Lamorna - Jo O'Cleirigh;
33 Years Ago - Meyn Mamvro No. 1;
The Hilla and the Stag - Craig Weatherhill;
Cornish Folklore: Folklore of St Allen - Alex Langstone;
33 Years of Book Reviews;
The Pipers Tune.
Meyn Mamvro is the magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall. Published three times a year since 1986, these collected issues of Meyn Mamvro contain a wealth of original material about the ancient history and customs of Cornwall.

Meyn Mamvro editor: Cheryl Straffon | Archive webmaster: Palden Jenkins
Meyn Mamvro
Issues 1-100 | 1986-2019
Meyn Mamvro
Issues 1-100 | 1986-2019
Meyn Mamvro Archive
Meyn Mamvro Archive
Meyn Mamvro Archive
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